2016 off to precarious but predictable start

Coming off topsy-turvy 2015 where everything seemed to be backwards or upside down, Americans might be holding their breath for 2016. What is carrying over and what can we expect?

Last year was just plain weird, Vanity Fair named a man “Woman of the Year,” John Kerry’s State Department claimed to have brought peace to Syria, and a Republican Congress passed the Democrat’s agenda in yet another objectionable omnibus funding bill. Didn’t the bearded Boehner promise to stop that nonsense?

In 2015, open borders became contagious. Illegal immigration skyrocketed as Obama abandoned America’s borders physically and conceptually, but Europe also caught the open borders bug seeing more than a million refugees flood across the continent. European refugees have been disproportionately military age Muslim men, but many still dismiss the simultaneous spread of Jihad as coincidence.

Americans are already uneasy about border security especially after the ISIS inspired San Bernardino massacre, but Obama quickly reassured Americans that his Muslim resettlement program would not be impeded by any misplaced American anxieties. Already coming to America, Obama promised at least 200,000 more Syrian refugees would be imported. And, he pretty much dared Congress and states to stop him.

While Americans are continually scolded that there is no threat from any refugees despite ISIS claims they are infiltrating the refugees, another ISIS master plan was just uncovered showing ISIS intends to randomly slaughter thousands of civilians around the world hoping to goad the West into a final huge show down.

It’s a pretty direct vicious threat, so how can we expect the Obama Administration to handle it? Well, Iran has been swearing “death to America” for over three decades and Obama thought it prudent to release about $150 billion to Iran to continue exporting terrorism, lift economic sanctions to allow the failing regime some relief, and clear the path for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons so they can put Israel in their place.

Our incessant appeasement of Iran does not bode well for any kind of definitive or firm response to ISIS threats. After months of playing “air war,” we find out from Russia that America has failed to go after ISIS’s illicit oil sales and our supposed ally, Turkey, was turning a blind eye to ISIS oil smuggling. Somehow America has clearly lost the concept of “shock and awe” since DESERT STORM. If American might was earnestly committed, ISIS would already be an obliterated footnote.

As 2015 closed out, we discover Obama’s CIA has been arming ISIS in Syria and Obama’s NSA is still spying on allies but also spying on Congress. What can anyone believe about Obama’s vow to defeat ISIS when he aids the enemy (just like Iran)? Looks treasonous.

Domestic espionage besides being illegal is shocking. Seriously, one branch of government spying on another is a Constitutional crisis, but of course we would have to have maintained a Constitutional republic.

If Obama were a Republican, impeachment would be certain. But Obama is not and few Republicans have any resolve. So this is just another sorry episode marking American descent into tyranny.

All of this misdirection was neatly encapsulated by Congressional Democrats recently introducing House Resolution 569 condemning any criticism of Islam. Like Yale students petitioning to ban the First Amendment, Democrats hurry to surrender free speech and give Islamists a victory by acknowledging their demand for unchallenged supremacy.

How odd that a supposed Christian nation has not passed any resolutions protecting Christianity from regular maligning assaults, but Islam needs special status. Islam has special status in countries it vanquished.

Precarious but predictable, 2016 will bring more endless political tail chasing. Obama will deflect and distract while Republicans will deny and dither, but our very real threats will continue to go unaddressed.

“Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” Matthew 15:14


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