A pretty great year for making America great again!

According to the main stream media, the past year has been a tumultuous trouncing of Trump at every turn.  Breathlessly trying to perform last rites on the Trump presidency since election night, they and Democrats warned of endless racist violence, stock market crash, economic collapse, and international defeat around the globe.  And Trump would be impeached, jailed, and exiled to Guantanamo Bay Cuba for colluding with the Russians to steal the American throne from its rightful heir, Queen Hillary.
Any sober review of 2017 wrecks the propaganda relentlessly spewed by the press.  The facts of Trump’s first year as president vindicates the increasingly appropriate label – “fake news.”  It has not been easy and at times turbulent, but President Trump has made tremendous strides in making America great again!
With Trump making the hard choices and taking decisive actions, the United States has retaken its mantle of global leadership.  Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal was worse than Clinton’s North Korea deal, so Trump decertified the incredibly flawed agreement.  Iran knows we are no longer fooled like when Obama dropped the criminal investigation of Hezbollah to appease them.  Three previous administrations avoided the North Korea problem, but their Nukes cannot be ignored anymore.   Trump is facing down the little pudgy despot and forcing China to engage.  Trump’s America will not be held hostage by two-bit tinhorn dictators.
Our enemies don’t doubt Trump.  He bombed the Syrians and embarrassed the Russians for their misdeeds with chemical weapons.  Largely unreported, but that desert band of terrorists known as ISIS has lost almost all their territory this past year.  What seemed impossible under Obama seems easy under Trump. 
Despite ridiculous machinations by global elites, Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel.  Trump courageously endorsed an undeniable unpopular truth bolstering his credibility over the United Nations’ condemnation asserting a clear falsehood.  His actions may be disliked, but Trump and America are respected again.  No more bowing.
Not only winning, Trump is keeping his promises.  Illegal immigration has plunged and he shoved the wall through Congress.  Appointing thoroughly conservative judges and with at least one more quality appointment like Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Trump will have saved the Constitution for another generation.  He far exceeded his goal of removing 2 regulations for every new regulation by stripping 16 for each.  Deregulation and better trade policies like withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and revisiting NAFTA have already spurred job growth.  Unemployment is down to a 17 year low at 4.1%. 
Energy costs remain competitive.  The Interior Department is making 77 million square miles in the Gulf of Mexico available for oil leases.   Finally, the Keystone pipeline is approved and after 40 years the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve is quietly opened for oil exploration.  Trump stunned European progressives and environmental whackos when he unilaterally withdrew from the Paris Accords for climate change.  Another wealth transfer scheme that even the agreement admitted changed nothing for the climate, Trump called the scam and walked away.
His crowning achievement is getting an intransigent Congress to finally pass tax cuts.  This is HUGE!  They will turbo charge an already surging economy such that we may see 4 or 5% growth in 2018!  That’s real wealth building growth where Americans can get better paying jobs and actually prosper.  Millennials have never experienced a roaring economy.  Obama and liberal doom and gloomers warned America was in decline and the “new normal” was a paltry 1-2% economic growth which is actually shrinking prosperity against population growth, but Trump is reviving and revving the American economic engine thereby exposing the liberal myth.
The constant wailing and gnashing of teeth by the media and Democrats will continue, but let them idle themselves with Russian fantasies.  President Trump is well on his way to making America great again!
“Then God blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground."  Genesis 1:28


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