A time for Thanksgiving and therapy

            Despite acute election exhaustion, we seem to have an election that just keeps on giving.  For about half the country, the election was a much needed catharsis, but the other half was left abjectly apoplectic. 

            Americans are generally sportsmen, so we compete fiercely; but when the contest is over, we shake hands and move on.  Sadly, the media and some snowflakes are addicted to the turmoil and therefore determined to drag out the drama.  No one expects liberals to roll over and become conservative, but a degree of decorum and civility is essential to preserving a peaceful transition of power.

            Conservatives in 2008 were similarly dejected when Obama took the helm and put the rudder over hard left.  Therefore, conservatives should be empathetic to liberals in their dire distress and perhaps liberals can recall conservative dismay and reaction.  Rather than riot and protest Obama’s inauguration, frightened average Americans organized to resist the über leftist agenda in Congress and State Houses – and the Tea Party was born.

            This year press, pundits, and delicate campus pansies are simply unable to cope with the brutal reality other ideas exist.  The fact a substantial amount of Americans disagree with liberalism is so debilitating, they’ve gone into survival mode.  They’re lashing out to discredit any conservative concept or person because they intrinsically know liberalism won’t survive in the arena of ideas nor its application.  So conservative ideas must never be allowed hearing and certainly not implementation.

            For this Thanksgiving, progressive writers are littering publications with advice columns on how to deal with Trump supporting friends and family over the holiday.  It’s actually all quite offensive because the basic premise is that anyone that supports Trump is a bigoted, homophobic, misogynist, racist, sexist, and don’t forget xenophobic dolt.  But these enlightened columnists admonish liberals with faux magnanimity to have sympathy for wayward relatives not unlike the patience needed for a mentally challenged child.

            Since it’s difficult to defend liberalism, liberals seek refuge in the notion no other ideas are worthy of consideration and therefore only bad or stupid people could reject liberal dogma.  So they’ll evade a debate of ideas, but rather offer temporary absolution for your Neanderthal ignorance and insensitivity.  And then ask you as politely as possible why you hate other humans.

            Make no mistake, knowingly or not these are Saul Alinsky tactics to polarize Americans.  By demonizing everyone and everything Trump, the progressive movement hopes to freeze the Trump reform revolution.  But when approached by your condescending liberal kin, please do not be offended.  Be gracious and even indulgent, someone has to steer the national discussion into adult debate.

            The media echo chamber makes it hard to hear.  But after losing control of the executive, legislative and very soon judicial branches, and devastating losses in governorships and state legislatures, Democrat power has receded to levels not known in almost a century, but you wouldn’t know it.

            And the media and millennials certainly don’t.  The media is hopelessly deluded, but millennials come to their liberalism honestly.  Education was ceded to liberals decades ago, so it’s what they learned.  And quite frankly Republicans have failed miserably in implementing limited government, so millennials see hypocrisy and incompetence.

            Despite the vitriol, now is the time for Americans to come together and first thank God for our blessings, but then avoid the acrimony and engage in open honest debate about the proper role of government.  We all want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but we must candidly discuss what government can and should provide versus the danger it could prohibit or preclude the freedom we cherish.

Share our true heritage and revisit the sheer brilliance of our Constitution.  If we cannot show and teach our youth what Americanism is and should be, it will likely be impossible in another generation.

“Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.”  Romans 14:19


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