ANTIFA and G20 versus Poland

            For all the constant criticism and scorn for a supposedly dysfunctional White House, President Trump visiting Poland on his way to the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany was pure genius!  As expected, the media barely covered exuberant throngs of Poles cheering our President and even chanting “Donald Trump!”  Warmly receiving Trump, Warsaw wholeheartedly embraced his powerful message of perseverance and sacrifice for freedom.  Mostly because Poland has lived it!  Poland is perhaps the best recent example of a God fearing hard working people struggling to secure FREEDOM!

            The stark juxtaposition of proud stoic Poland against morally bankrupt European Union leaders and immoral cowards rioting in the opulent streets of a decaying society was irresistible.  In an odd frightening irony, both pompous G20 leaders and sordid Antifa protesters promise visions of future utopias Poland has already survived in their painful past.  An out of control European Union offers expansive government structures to guarantee equal outcomes similar to the promises of “a chicken in every pot” by invasive Communist bureaucracies.  And wild-eyed ANTIFA rioters preach a fair share for everyone but rather than earn it, they burn it.

            Poland knows these charlatans well and has weathered their chicanery.  Although extremely vile and dangerously violent, ANTIFA is actually a pitiful excuse for a political protest.  Their web sites read like drop out middle schoolers organizing a Bolshevik Woodstock.  Mostly blather about when bands are playing, where to camp, how to resist police, and of course substance abuse in moderation.  Beyond just hating all authority, their political commentary has the sophomoric insight only attained in a stoned stupor from their parents’ basement.

            It’s possible the incredibly ignorant leftist loons don’t realize their silly festivals of resistance have been largely hi-jacked by anarchist hooligans determined to destroy everything and malignant psychopathic thugs simply delighting in any vandalism.  Nevertheless, rioting and violence seem like acceptable political expression to these misguided socialists because they operate outside society anyway.  Generally avoiding work to stay in perpetual pointless education programs, they contribute nothing to society and offer no solutions other than an invitation to loot the rich and then split it all over a bowl.

ANTIFA is short for “anti-fascist.”  With ostensible roots in early 20th century Europe resisting real fascists, these modern dolts disagree with pretty much everyone; so clueless, they call everyone fascists.  The stunning irony is these half-baked activists use brown shirt tactics to promote their Mad Max world.  Really just a stupid side show, but the media overhypes them as certain opposition to Trump.

In contrast to these wretched Lilliputians of political turmoil stand the giants of Poland who faced down the NAZIs and survived the Soviets.  Enduring deprivation and war, Poles fought gallantly with great sacrifices of blood and treasure to regain their freedom.  ANTIFA hoodlums swilling varieties of beer and chowing choice organic tofu in an ultra-modern city with every convenience widely available, but whining about capitalism’s unfairness is simply insulting and moronic to Poles who have overcome the leftist carnage of the past century.

Despite the in your face ANTIFA antics, the real danger comes from G20 globalists quietly herding us into their comfortable stockyards where government becomes god.  They promise prosperity for your freedom and security for your faith.  Poland is not fooled.  President Trump perfectly pinpointed the indomitable Polish spirit when he recalled Pope John Paul II’s mass with over a million Poles; they did not ask for wealth or privilege.  They simply proclaimed:  “We want God!”

Trump noted at that very moment every Communist knew defeat was inevitable.  Trump renewed our alliance with freedom loving Poland and reasserted American commitment to preserving freedom only God can bestow.  Trump asked if “The West has the will to survive?”  Poland has answered that question and Trump answered for America.  “So, together, let us fight like the Poles – for family, for freedom, for country, and for God!”

“What shall we then say to these things?  If God be for us, who can be against us?”  Romans 8:31


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