Affection and appeasement for America’s enemies absent accountability

            President Obama’s leading from behind approach is a far cry from Theodore Roosevelt’s assertive policies; Roosevelt wanted the world to recognize American might to dissuade any would be aggressors.  His foreign policy was famously captured in his quip:  “Speak softly but carry a big stick.”

            Obama only speaks softly if he speaks at all and carries nothing more than carrot sticks.  The press and liberals are loathe to admit it, but it became inescapable when Raul Castro was holding Obama’s arm in Cuba while Brussels burned.  The people already knew this, but Obama’s limp wristed foreign policy is failing miserably.

            Obama has this half-baked theory that overreacting to extremist groups only elevates them.  Ignoring blowhards calling names or throwing around empty threats can avoid escalation, but how exactly does one “overreact” to the now routine slaughter of dozens of innocents again and again and again?!

            Where is the outrage over so many mass murders?  Obama loses no sleep over butchering millions of babies, so expecting some anger for the murders of a few thousand people is perhaps too much.  So the murdered don’t rate, but Obama’s incessant appeasement of enemies is dangerous and highly destabilizing.  He’s not destabilizing our enemies; he’s destabilizing us.

            America once the force for good and peace in the world no longer exacts anything from our enemies.  Obama loves to make nice with brutal dictators and pretends he is promoting peace, but he never holds enemies accountable.  After lifting sanctions, he stood idly smirking when Castro taunted media about thousands of political prisoners he denied and dared them to find.

Iran gets cash and sanctions relief, but nary a word when they test fire missiles to annihilate Israel or capture American Sailors.  Russia invades and intimidates around the world with impunity while Putin laughs off whatever inane burbling John Kerry can mutter.  Jihadists slaughter innocents around the world almost daily, but Obama only gets agitated should someone speak ill of Islam.

            Obama saves his limited venom for any American that disagrees with him particularly conservatives, but it’s pretty much all hugs and kisses for our enemies.  The chummy display with Castro doing the wave at a Cuban baseball game while Europe was reeling from yet another Islamic massacre was repulsive and undignified.

            But Obama out did that with his all smiles photo-op in front of a huge Che Guevara likeness.  Aside from the leader of the free world posing under the gaze of one of the bloodiest most ruthless communist tyrants in history, it may be worse that it probably never occurred to him or his staff that cheese cakes with a notorious mass murderer is wholly inappropriate.

            Obama’s frivolous Cuban vacation highlights America’s problem under Obama.  By our failing example and poor policies, America does not lead our enemies to understand much less want American values.  Instead, Obama is pushing America to be more like our enemies.  We are sliding into socialism, slouching into immorality, and slipping into a tyrannical police state.

            Obama summed up his ruse pandering to Argentinian youth.  He surmised there is little difference between capitalism and communism; just pick from each what works.   Like any dictator, Obama does not pick what works (never mind they’re essentially exclusive ideologies); he picks what garners more government power – propaganda paints the requisite results.

            Obama’s narcissism compels him to show all his cards to our enemies because he covets fealty from all whether enemy or friend.  America’s interests matter not; fundamentally transforming America to be more like Cuba simply makes Americans easier to subdue and rule.

            “Hezekiah was pleased, and showed them all his treasure house, the silver and the gold and the spices and the precious oil and his whole armory and all that was found in his treasuries. There was nothing in his house nor in all his dominion that Hezekiah did not show them.”  Isaiah 39:2


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