American culture has no color

Race has been an intense issue throughout American history.  Race relations have ebbed and flowed over the centuries with no discernible point of being unconditionally good.  Despite notable highlights of personal success by black Americans from Fredrick Douglass to George Washington Carver to Dr. Charles Drew to Shirley Chisolm to Clarence Thomas to Colin Powell to Dr. Ben Carson and many more, blanket success for black Americans as a whole has been elusive.

Perennial poverty and under performance in the black community is a complicated and sometimes convoluted debate with little progress.  There are numerous factors and perspectives and most have some degree of validity, but it seems any discussion about race inevitably looks backward and not forward.  All sides tend to dwell on the negatives such that healing old wounds is virtually impossible.

With the election of our first black President there was great hope for a post-racial society, but it was not to be.  There’s no need to assess blame; it was just another missed opportunity.  Even with 45% of whites voting for President Obama in 2008 and reelected in 2012, too many in the press and politicians want you to believe America is a hopelessly intrinsically racist country.

The vast majority of Americans want good race relations.  Most are decent people disgusted by discrimination and appalled by violence.  But despicable tragic events occur with enough regularity to demoralize those hoping for harmony.  The recent carnage in Charlottesville, Virginia is another such horrific incident stunning the nation, but this one gave us a glimpse of the underlying problem perpetuating hatred.

Let one thing be crystal clear; THEY ARE ALL TO BLAME!  Every group that showed up was spoiling for a fight; they came to crack heads and make headlines.  The White Supremacists are putrid and repulsive and Black Lives Matter activists are moronic and thuggish.  But they have one thing in common; BOTH ARE RACISTS!!!  Therefore, both should be completely condemned and roundly rejected by ALL Americans!

Another loathsome group in Charlottesville was inciting violence, the masked cowards of ANTIFA came to riot.  These imposters want you to believe they are “anti-fascist” when in fact they are simple anarchists happily employing fascist tactics hoping to disintegrate society.  They seek to undermine the rule of law until our government collapses and we are living in a fantasy dystopia like some morbid nihilist video game.

All of these groups are “Haters” to be shunned, but they’re not really the ones fomenting national turmoil.  Hateful vile people will always exist, but a strong healthy culture should be able to keep them isolated and very few.  However, a reckless media encourages them and irresponsible politicians exploit them.  Complicit leaders in media and politics manipulate these events trying to corral all Americans into one extreme or the other.

They want you to believe white supremacists are condoned by conservatives and ANTIFA is sanctioned by liberals to keep us divided and our votes easier to harvest.  They want us to argue about who is to blame and who should pay because vengeance is a dead end.

But that is not who we are!  Despite all the propaganda, people in local communities are working diligently to get along and improve everyone’s lives.  Americans don’t want to oppress anyone; they just want fairness and opportunity.  We may have some profound philosophical differences about governing, but race is extraneous to any debate of ideas and should be irrelevant in politics.

Rebuff a rash press trying to goad you into defending either extreme and certainly refuse any politician calling for “racial solidarity;” it’s abhorrently racist.  American culture has no color.  It’s built on the simple axiom God created all men equal.  Focus on that and we will be one nation (of many peoples) under God.

"Do we not all have one father? Has not one God created us? Why do we deal treacherously each against his brother so as to profane the covenant of our fathers?” Malachi 2:10 


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