Another time for choosing

           In 1964, Ronald Reagan gave his iconic and impassioned “a time for choosing” speech.  It certainly stands out in historical oratory, but it seems Americans have forgotten it as just another campaign speech – just another pitch for one candidate over another.

            We complain about elections, about the political banter, the personal destruction, and ultimately the choices.  Almost every election is known as “voting for the lesser of two evils.”  While often true, not every election is a simple choice between two candidates or more precisely two personalities.

            The major parties present their nominees for the American presidency.  And their personal attributes and qualifications matter, but more important is what their “vision” is for America?  Where will they lead?  Even flawed leaders can lead to great new achievements if on the right path.

            Both major parties have failed miserably in pretty much everything; the only real difference is their deceptions and excuses are steeped in opposite rhetoric.  Therefore, Americans have become lulled into viewing presidential elections as one mega personality contest.  Both parties gladly foster that because neither really wants to discuss their failures nor their common progressive goals. 

            Most election choices are just two sides of the same coin.  From Bush the elder to Bill Clinton to Bush the younger, what was really that different?  For all the Bush blaming, Obama more or less continued the same expansion of government and spending albeit with more liberal aspirations.

            Perhaps by design, Democrats and Republicans leave us little choice every four years, but some elections transcend candidates and the parties particularly in times of extraordinary challenge and turmoil.  The contests are typically tumultuous, but only a few times the past half century was there was an unmistakable difference in the possible paths.

            We tend to think socialism is a recent struggle, but it’s been raging awhile.  Reagan’s 1964 speech was all about socialism and would America sidestep liberty to leap into the seductions of The Great Society.  Americans didn’t heed Reagan then, so America went farther down the socialist road.  1980 brought a second chance, but by then the stagnant economy and loss of American prestige abroad were overwhelming – Americans chose a distinctly new direction.

            Other than 1964 and 1980, Americans have not really been afforded times for choosing.  Even 2008 presented no real choice; sprint into ever expanding government socialism with Obama or limp in to it a bit more gingerly with McCain.

            2016 is vastly different mostly because Republicans lost control of their primary; the Democrats only narrowly avoided that fate with their superior voter manipulation skills.  But this election there are clear choices for America!  It’s not hard to see; Americans can feel it.

            Hillary Clinton is not just promising to carry on Obama’s legacy; she’s threatening to continue the failed progressive policies of both parties.  Hillary guarantees:  Government will continue growing exponentially, spending, debt, and taxes will skyrocket, government regulations will explode, the economy will continue to lag, borders will remain open and illegal immigration left unchecked, and a wacko leftist Supreme Court that will rapidly deconstruct the Constitution.  International threats will increase has we continue pursuing half-hearted appeasement tactics in place of real foreign policy.  And last but not least, Clinton corruption will be validated and made irresistible and unstoppable.

            The latest euphemisms are globalism verses nationalism, but don’t be fooled it’s still totalitarianism verses freedom.  Hillary, the Democrats, and most of the Republican leadership stand for globalism; they want that power.  The American people reject this path, but until Donald Trump hijacked the GOP they had no champion.

            This election is not about personalities.  It’s about one more chance to stop America from taking that final step into a thousand years of darkness.  Hillary is already over the edge; we can only pray Trump can pull us back from the brink.

            “You are not limited by us, but you are limited by your own affections.”  2 Corinthians 6:12


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