Are LGBT going Tea Party?

            The Orlando massacre was a heinous horrific crime against humanity.  An Islamist terrorist may have targeted gay Americans, but he attacked us all.  This is a hate crime in that the killer loathed his victims, but Americans cannot escape the facts of another glaring case of a rabid political movement cloaked in religiosity attacking our American way of life.

            The entire nation is in shock, but as the LGBT community buries the dead they face a dire dichotomy.  Liberals rushed microphones to condemn inanimate objects (guns), blame conservatives, call for gun control and even abolish the Second Amendment, but the survivors saw up close and personal a crazed zealot screaming “Allahu Akbar” as he slaughtered with wanton abandon.

            Coming face to face with calculating cold cruel evil and surviving incredible carnage shakes people to their core, so when others ignore or contradict that intense morbid reality their plight has been diminished.  Witnesses know it was not a conservative, a Christian, or even a Tea Partier murdering dozens.  It was a maniacal Muslim massacring in the name of his god and even taking time to call authorities to claim it all for ISIS.

            From the president down to every peon pundit nattering about the NRA, their words ring hollow.  Supposed allies are off on some political crusade against people who had nothing to do with the mass murder of gays.  The realization is slowly sinking in that liberals will not protect the LBGT community or anyone for that matter.  They can barely name the killers for what they are much less go after them.

            While shrill demands for immediate gun control echo, it becomes clear progressives insist you remain defenseless, so there will indeed be a “next time.”  Having experienced the danger many are now convinced they must protect themselves to prevent a “next time.”  Hence, LGBT gun sales are surging; some call it “pink pistol.”

            Many will pooh-pooh this sudden gay affinity for firearms as reactionary, but the LGBT community is haunted by the chilling fact the shooting started about 2am and police SWAT did not breach the building until about 5am.  The American grown Jihadist had about three hours to hunt and butcher his prey.

           It’s inescapable; only gays defending themselves can prevent a “next time.”  British journalist and entrepreneur, Milo Yiannopolous thrust himself into the vanguard of the armed gay movement.  The ironic new bad boy conservative scolding liberal lunacy, he appeared in Orlando with a gay pride rainbow flag emblazoned with the “Don’t tread on me snake” from the Gadsden flag which is also the adopted Tea Party moniker.

           Milo pointedly proclaimed that progressive governments around the world are choosing “political correctness” over gay safety, so gays must be prepared to “shoot back.”  Orlando exposed political correctness as too cowardly to acknowledge the truth that Islam teaches brutal persecution of gays for fear of offending its unspoken ally in undermining Christianity.

            Christian conservatives that won’t bake a gay wedding cake will adamantly defend any Americans’ right to defend themselves and probably even join the fight.  The LGBT community might be pondering which really matters, being senselessly slain or refused a wedding cake?

            In a Democratic Federal Republic anchored by Christian culture, there is ample room to debate and disagree about morality without denying anyone’s rights to speech, liberty, and life.  Despite distinct disagreements, Christians, conservatives, and LGBT are not enemies, but there is a single poisoned philosophy attacking our freedom – we have a common enemy.  Islamist Jihad seeks to destroy America and annihilate any who fail to convert or comply.

We have a unique opportunity for those who love liberty to unite around the Second Amendment and resist the anti-American pockets of Sharia trying to take root in America.

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” 1 Timothy 5:8



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