BREXIT stage right!

               Despite all the gnashing of globalist teeth and wailing by financial markets, England may have just saved Europe from itself again.  Europe has nagging habit of dictators trying to conquer and rule the continent.

               Having none of that, Great Britain has a long record of restoring order on the continent amid all manner of nonsense.  They maintained the “Grand Alliance” by defeating the Franco-Bavarian Armies at Blenheim; and at Waterloo they finally ended Napoleon’s megalomania.  Brits stemmed adversarial expansionism in Crimea; and at the Somme in World War I and Normandy in World War II.

               Before the United States assumed its mantle as planetary policeman, England was striving for stability on the seas for centuries.  England typically led the way dragging America to her destiny; and in the era of American super power, they have been our most reliable ally.

               This time Europe faces perhaps the most sinister enemy: themselves.  As Europeans abandon religion and relinquish culture acquiescing to a benign homogenous solely consumer focused existence, they are forsaking national identities and forfeiting freedom all for deceptive security and elusive prosperity.

               European unity has long been a dream.  The European Economic Community (EEC) or “Common Market” was founded almost 60 years ago.  As it grew, Europe was better able to compete with enormous American markets and prospered from free trade, but beyond economic union elites wanted political union too.  So, the EEC evolved into the European Union (EU).

               It seemed a perfect plan.  With central planning, a monolithic European economy would guarantee affluence and a united Europe would guarantee security.  Well, a funny thing happened on the way to Brussels.  Progressives thought old guard corporatism could sustain unbridled socialism indefinitely and uber-bureaucracies would not impede economic growth and innovation.

               Further, elite Europeans didn’t view the assorted unique national cultures as a strength but rather as a detriment to be mitigated if not eradicated.  One size fits all economic planning is very challenging, but uniform political thought is proving impossible.  Each peoples still want autonomy and some still cherish independence.  Since Europeans are deserting God on their own, the problem is pesky nationalism.

               Multiculturalism became the Holy Grail.  Every culture was extolled as equal and invited to share in the new and improved diverse Europe - residence to all, home to none.  The hope has been that national cultures would dilute and even melt into a single innocuous bland stew of barely partisan humanism.  National citizens would simply become EU consumers and live happily ever after.

               Between soccer, pints versus liters, and even working hours, the individual cultures proved more durable, so the EU took a page from Obama’s handbook on how to dismantle tradition and pursued open borders.  Doesn’t matter why or where you are from; just get here and lavish benefits will be bestowed upon you.

               Aside from acute economic strain trying to absorb millions without work and a ridiculous rise in crime as incompatible cultures collide, Europe’s progressive movement made a monumental miscalculation.  Muslims have no interest in becoming Europeans or part of some watered down multicultural soup.  They refuse assimilation.  In fact, they brazenly proclaim they will firmly establish Islam eventually supplanting all the other cultures.

               Thankfully Britain reclaimed their sovereignty and said NO to the madness.  All the bureaucratic nuisance was a factor, but it was illegal immigration that broke the camel’s back.  Brits have had a dominant culture for over a millennium, so hopefully they realize its value and even superiority in many ways. 

               Since England is worth fighting for, other nations are now pondering their fates.  America is facing the same challenges, but we have the opportunity to learn from our British brethren.  Putting America first and making America great again makes more sense every day.

               “For the LORD will not abandon His people, Nor will He forsake His inheritance.  For judgment will again be righteous, And all the upright in heart will follow it.”  Psalm 94:14-15



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