Beginning of the end or another chance?

            If you are reading this, the election is over.  Whoever you supported, you are probably either elated or in the depths of despair looking for a new country or restocking prepper supplies.  But whatever the outcome, God ordained it and we definitely deserve it.

            Our presidential choices presented starkly different paths, but with Clinton the work is done and with Trump it’s only just begun.  But the people must engage and hold our political leaders accountable, or we will continue to sink in the same cesspool.

            If Hillary Clinton is president elect, then Americans selected the status quo.  They endorsed ever expanding bigger government and quite frankly dismissed the rule of law so long they get their sliver of the shrinking American pie.  We signaled we are willing to forfeit any freedom for any empty promise of benefits or security.  When Americans think the government will provide anything they might need, they find liberty boring and passé.

            Many will be disappointed, but any rancor will be pushed aside as the duplicitous progressive Republican establishment reasserts control of their dying party.  They will chastise conservatives for incurring defeat; and then promise to continue as the loyal and perpetual opposition.  Despite obligatory bloviating, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will capitulate to a Clinton Administration before it’s inaugurated.  Nothing will change.

            If Donald Trump won the presidential election, it’s not really a victory.  It’s a second chance, a last gasp of the Republic.  Trump may have given voice to common Americans that we still hold these truths to be self-evident and we cherish liberty enough to still fight for it, but he must face a hopelessly complicit and incompetent Congress and topple an incredibly corrupt federal government.

            The first hope is that Trump is indeed committed to limited Constitutional government and prepared for the long struggle to reform government.  Democrats are known obstacles, but he and we must deal with a Republican Party that is largely a fraud.  The progressive leadership of the GOP is quite comfortable if not desirous of globalism and unlimited government; they will undermine any reform efforts.  The GOP rats nest in Washington must be cleaned out.

            Trump can’t do that alone.  Electing a brash street fighter to upset the political apple cart in Washington is entertaining, but not enough.  We complain about the corruption and incompetence, but are we has a people ready to re-embrace liberty and do what it takes to truly live free?

            Whether affluence or complacency, too many Americans view freedom as an escape from morality and virtue.  We think freedom is the choice to do anything that feels good and send someone else the bill.  Free people have freedom to choose, but free people also suffer the consequences of their choices.  If we are unwilling to fend for ourselves, we are admitting we need masters to provide for us and that means we must cede whatever authority and resources to those masters so they can care for us.

            History shows but we no longer teach; only a moral and virtuous people can handle freedom.  The freest people are those that ask nothing of anyone else particularly government and can govern themselves with minimal laws.  That requires common people to take responsibility for themselves.

            The pilgrims and pioneers did not conquer a vast wilderness continent through government programs; they survived and thrived because they sought the freedom to worship God and so drew their morality and strength from the Creator.  Our courageous forefathers held great convictions about the blessings of the Almighty; while this generation can’t find enough safe spaces.

            It really doesn’t matter who becomes president if the people are lazy and wicked; we will come to the same ruin.  If Americans truly want to restore the Republic and preserve the freedom God created us for, it is up to us to turn back to God and ask Him to help us revive our once great nation.

            “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  2 Chronicles 7:14


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