Cajun Navy keeps American spirit afloat

           Without a named hurricane and quite frankly a presidential election narrative to prop up Democrats and smear Republicans, the media had little interest in the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy.  With 13 dead and thousands displaced from their homes, the epic Louisiana floods had trouble just making the news cycles.

            Campaigning hard for reelection in 2012, Obama was trying desperately to avoid scrutiny of monstrous failures and lies in Benghazi, so what better way to deflect than running to ravaged New Jersey to hug Governor Chris Christie.  The media eagerly embraced the “skinny man helps fat man” optics ignoring the real scandal.  This time Obama is not running and Clinton is too frail, so who cares about Trump helping distressed people in a red state?

            National media and federal indifference pretty much left the people of Louisiana on their own.  They probably prefer it that way; alligator tears from hypocritical outsiders is just annoying.  And in hind sight, those gritty hearty souls didn’t really need any help from a far removed federal government – Louisiana has the Cajun Navy!

             Much of Louisiana is underwater anyway, so those folks can handle their environment.  But as Biblical proportion rains pounded the state, waters rose quickly and places that had never flooded were flooded.  In no time, some 40,000 homes were damaged and people were stranded across broad areas with some in dire need.

            Who could help?  FEMA was more than a week from arriving.  Well, how about Americans!  Unlike Hurricane Katrina when local officials helplessly watched rising waters overcome school buses, the people leapt into action.  Thank God almost every good ole boy down yonder owns a boat and even more important thank God there are still real men who can venture into harm’s way beyond virtual reality.

            There was no pretense or quest for fame.  Their neighbors needed help, so Americans saddle up to go see how they can help.  No official estimates are available, but who needs anything official?  The effort was impressive.  From reports, hundreds of citizen heroes in dozens of boats coordinating with local authorities rescued thousands in need.

            That’s the American way!  Pilgrims and pioneers tamed a wilderness continent without waiting for government assistance or intervention.  When did we become so hesitant?  So frightened?  So dependent?

            When the government could not, we helped ourselves.  The Cajun Navy proved we still can, but the government doesn’t really want us to help ourselves.  The government wants to be intermediary in any and every interaction so they can control it, tax it, or both.  If Americans were still self-sufficient, we wouldn’t need the bigger government of progressive dreams.

            There was a tempest in a teapot when Louisiana State Senator Jonathan Perry introduced legislation to “de-regulate” the Cajun Navy.  Perhaps clumsy but his intent was to give volunteer rescuers permission to go into restricted disaster areas.  Widely misunderstood, his proposal met swift opposition.  However, Perry’s well intended proposal is the same lesson; the government must be party to any interactions between people.

            Why can’t a person go next door to help a neighbor?  Why can’t local law enforcement recognize a need and coordinate with citizens with the capacity to help?  Sheriffs used to have to go around town deputizing citizens for a posse.  Why is government involvement required for people to interact?

            It’s not!  But governments don’t want you to know that.  They want us to need them for security, education, healthcare, and anything else.  That requires bigger government, more resources, more control, and ultimately more power.  We are devolving into a totalitarian state not because the government is taking our independence but more because we are becoming hopelessly dependent.

            God bless the Cajun Navy for saving all those good people and thank you for reminding us the American spirit is still afloat.

            “The human spirit is the lamp of the LORD that sheds light on one's inmost being.” Proverbs 20:27


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