Can Republicans be trusted?

            No.  That’s the short answer.  After an incredible White House victory few of them supported, most Republicans still keep President Trump at arm’s length, but they swarm to bask in his electoral sunshine.  They have appropriated Trump’s election as validation of the GOP and license to return to business as usual.

            Before short term political memories and an incompetent media forget, Trump was elected in spite of the GOP.  He won the GOP nomination because he was not really a dyed in the wool Republican.  Liberals loathe Republicans, independents dislike them, and the conservative base can barely stomach them, so they need to remember they were returned to power not because they are Republicans but because they are not Democrats.

            Forgetting history is bipartisan for the denizens of DC, but the people struggling under their ineffective rule remember.  Last time the GOP controlled all branches of the federal government under George W. Bush, they doubled the national debt ($5 Trillion to $10 Trillion) just like Barack Obama did ($10 Trillion to $20 Trillion).  So Republicans squandered any budgetary credibility earned by Speaker Newt Gingrich 20 years ago. 

             The past 8 years has been a series of broken promises.  Republicans begged for the House in 2010 to fight Obamacare; nothing.  Republicans pleaded for the Senate in 2014 to halt illegal immigration; nothing.  After every election, we only heard alibis with a renewed demand for the next election to get something done.  Well, the GOP is out of elections and excuses.

            There’s no doubt Trump hit the ground running, but a startled Congress hasn’t even put their shoes on.  They have been giving us that old “we need to study this and get it right” routine which translates into “we are going to stall until you forget or we run out of time.”  Funny how Republicans drafted an Obamacare Repeal bill in 2015 that passed both houses by early 2016 when Obama as expected vetoed it. 

            Why can’t they reintroduce that bill?  Isn’t it at least a starting point?  Or was that all just for show?  Did they pass an Obamacare repeal they knew wasn’t viable?  Was the 2015 repeal bill just political theater so Republicans could smugly claim “we tried?”  And seriously, after eight years fighting Obamacare, Republicans still don’t have a plan?

In defense of Republicans, it probably was just political theater and that is the predominant game in Washington.  Regularly out played by Democrats, Republicans need to step up.  And, Democrats were hugely successful with Obamacare; they achieved their number one goal.  No, it was not wider access to healthcare or better care or even cheaper care.  It was to greatly expand the population dependent on government healthcare and establish the premise that only the government can solve our healthcare challenges.

This is not to give Republicans a pass, but rather acknowledge dismantling Obamacare will be complicated and highly contentious.  But they can do things immediately, like strip the mandates and taxes while they figure out how to reform MEDICAID and MEDICARE and learn to refute the dependency myth.

However, Republicans should be ready to move quickly on illegal immigration and tax reform!  There should be no surprises; these issues are not new.  My goodness, Republicans have campaigned on these challenges for years; certainly they have some idea what needs to done.

Matt Drudge wants to sue Republicans for fraud and Sean Hannity excoriated them for ineptness and inaction.  The GOP ignores them at great peril because they reflect the utter lack of patience the people have with government and Republicans in particular.  If the roles were reversed, The Democrats would already be done.  The GOP is out of political capital; the only way to regain any credibility is with results.  The GOP now has the power, so just do it!

"Arise! For this matter is your responsibility, but we will be with you; be courageous and act."  Ezra 10:4


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