Coddled generation turns on coddlers

After decades of steady progress in race relations, the past almost decade has succumbed to a precipitous decline as race baiters strive to preserve and expand the grievance industry. This tragic deterioration has manifested in recent nationwide college campus protests where students have demonstrated remarkable detachment from reality and substance.

It is probably only a virulent vocal minority on college campuses, but helpless victimhood is the prevailing culture promulgated by retread hippie professors. Modern campuses are so insulated from the real world and saturated with superficial silliness that students go in to septic shock when they get a glimpse of plain reality.

Past generations went to college younger and faced real world dangers like disease, economic depression, and wars. Despite actual life threatening obstacles, they persevered and even paid for it themselves.

Today’s’ college students are shrieking with fear because of words or other’s self-expression. A Yale student was apoplectic because the university refused to regulate Halloween costumes. Apparently, wearing a sombrero, Indian headdress, or grass skirt is either “stolen ethnic heritage” or some perceived ethnic assault that embodies racism.

Innocuous comments are also perceived as threatening. Simply telling a foreigner they “speak English well” is somehow denigrating. The new term for this nonsense is “micro-aggression.” The absurdity is astounding, but finally the Mizzou Student Association Vice President revealed the real intent when she proclaimed she is “tired of the First Amendment.”

We have created such a weak hypersensitive generation they literally fear freedom of speech; in other words, they cannot handle freedom – they want protectors. In a stunning regression, minority students are demanding “segregated safe-spaces” where minority students can be shielded from other races that might have a politically incorrect thought, so the mere presence of a different race is potentially threatening.

Are they asking for a return to “separate but equal?!” Sadly, most college kids are probably clueless about that history.

There are many dimensions to this lunacy. In an incredible irony, thousands of students will protest the alleged injuries from all this micro-aggression, but none of these students protest or demand adequate protection whenever deranged murderers slaughter dozens of students every few months.

Words certainly have power, but only if you let them. Words only have power if they persuade. The old adage “stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is obviously lost. Spoken words reflect on the speaker. If it’s hateful or stupid, that tells you about the speaker. It only affects the listener if the listener accepts it. The problem is our young people are so fragile, impressionable, and without principle; they fall for anything.

College campuses are supposed to push envelopes and challenge ideas, but we have fostered a morass of mediocrity so overly concerned about everyone’s feelings that any provocative ideas are forbidden. Intellectual exploration is strictly avoided lest someone stumble on something offensive. Leftists and liberals pride themselves on their enlightened environment where all ideas are equal and any activity is accepted – except of course conservative speech. People are created equal, but ideas are not.

Another ironic hypocrisy is their self-ascribed designation as more magnanimous deeper thinkers. As it turns out, we learned from the “Million Student March” it’s actually just about money. They want free tuition, debt forgiveness, and $15 minimum wage on campus; and they don’t care who pays as long as they’re allowed to continue wallowing in self-pity and seek self-actualization by silencing any voices that contradict their fairy tale safe spaces.

Actually a pathetic display by alleged adults in utter foolishness, it is also comical and fitting that the young leftists nurtured by unconstrained liberal universities are now turning on their teachers demanding more for nothing. Striking liberal colleges is positive step for higher education; reality is corrective and inescapable.

“With his mouth the godless man would destroy his neighbor, but by knowledge the righteous are delivered.” Proverbs 11:9

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