Comey's circus of clowns and contortionists

            What a circus!!!  The world’s biggest baby!  Clowns galore!  If senile Senators don’t get a laugh, the media is hilarious in their frenetic and still often fake reporting.  And finally, the most agile and even chameleon like contortionist performing breathtaking feats of ethical gymnastics high above the ring without a moral compass!

            Washington and much of the nation was frozen in suspense as bars across the country opened for liberals and snowflakes to congregate jovially sipping cocktails with irrepressible hope that finally the tyrant Trump would be vanquished!  The giant baby former FBI director would show the smoking guns that Trump was guilty of EVERYTHING fevered liberal fantasies have ever conjured.  Undeniable evidence would be presented, perhaps even charges defined, and Trump would be impeached!  Convicted!  And banished from the planet!

            With halls and bars crowded, eager anticipation filled tender snowflakes with choking anxiety as the hearings commenced.  The enormous infant man gave his testimony.  And, thud!  The oversized former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony was a huge dud.  An abject disappointment, liberals got nothing they hoped for and in fact, Comey actually undermined much of the “Russian collusion” narrative and may have implicated himself and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch with possible legal jeopardy.

            Headlines blared “Comey comes out swinging!”  He brazenly asserted he had been doing a good job, but President Trump LIED!  Liberals collectively held their breath anticipating the mortal blow, but Comey just sniffed how Trump’s reasons for firing him like “the FBI was in disarray, poorly led, and Comey was not liked” were outright lies.  All highly subjective assessments, but opinions are not illegal.  Comey was disputing Trump’s opinion not his actions; and that was indeed all he had to offer in his entire testimony, his opinion.  Giddy pre-impeachment parties quickly turned somber realizing there would be no substance and only protracted preening of Comey’s immense vanity.

            Comey’s testimony largely vindicated President Trump and only proved President Obama should have fired him.  Stating he was uncomfortable in their private meetings, he still refused to say Trump obstructed justice.  If Trump had given any unlawful order or hinted at obstructing justice, Comey should have immediately reported it to DOJ or resigned in protest.  He rather made a memo to keep for future political leverage demonstrating he was not a public servant but just another posturing politico stocking his arsenal.

Despite liberal fantasizing and plain misunderstanding how government works, the president has the prerogative to share his assessment.  Relaying that from his perspective Mike Flynn’s dismissal was not criminal is proper.  But if the FBI finds something else, Trump has the authority to pardon Flynn if he chooses.  The FBI should operate independently of politics, but not independently of the president; they still work for Trump.

            However, if the FBI is investigating the president, then he cannot be involved.  But after months of fake news we finally hear publically and unequivocally, PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION!  A long coming revelation the media promptly ignored again.  In a moment of redemption, Senator Marco Rubio noted that that FACT was the only thing not leaked by the FBI.

            Then Comey revealed he’s joining young Reality Winner as the second known leaker!  He smugly admitted leaking his memos to hopefully precipitate appointment of a Special Counsel to prove the FBI really did love him.  What?!  Privileged information between the president and the FBI director belong to the FBI!  Not private citizen James Comey!  That little trick may backfire.

            Comey also threw Lynch under the bus.  He said she wanted Comey to handle the “matter.”  Apparently feeling some vulnerability, she didn’t want her fingerprints on absolving Hillary.  So where are all the Bernie supporters and media demanding truth about Lynch’s tarmac conversation with good old Bill?!

            Aside from usurping Lynch’s authority and duty, Comey’s revelations expose glaring inconsistencies.  He testified he was “uncomfortable and concerned” with Lynch’s direction about Hillary’s emails, but that didn’t compel any private memos.  And he quite frankly stated “it was not a hill worth dying on,” so he did her bidding to sweep Hillary’s legal mess under the rug.  But somehow the Flynn issue that has so far produced nothing was worth dying for?  Could it have been an issue of loyalty?  Comey clearly displayed loyalty to Lynch and Obama.

            The incredible contradiction in all of Comey’s conduct and testimony came into stark relief.  Last July, Comey meticulously detailed numerous crimes Hillary committed mishandling classified information, but ultimately exonerated her because in his “prosecutorial discretion” he could find no intent (even though statute excludes intent).  Juxtapose that with pursuing a Russian collusion investigation with NO crimes defined and no evidence found, but he allows it to continue with gross media speculation solely based on the assumption Team Trump had intent.

            After all the hoopla, it’s now clear Comey purposefully facilitated and even fostered the misperception that Trump was being investigated.  Comey abused his influence to aid the media and their Democrat lackeys to perpetuate the fraudulent notion the Trump Administration is illegitimate.  This is nothing more than a raw manipulation to obstruct a duly elected president’s agenda and thwart the will of the electorate.

            However, exposing this fraud will change nothing as the goal was never truth or justice.  The sole goal is to stop Trump, so the Democrats and media will bitterly cling to their lies and simply find new liars.

            “Even some men from your own group will rise up and distort the truth in order to draw a following.”  Acts 20:30


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