Court advances abortion at any cost

            Once again the Supreme Court abandoned its role of judicial review in accordance with the Constitution to usurp state power and advance an atrocious activity it considers vital to a progressive society.  In short, liberal justices like for women to have the ability to legally slay their children, so they can pretend to have some vague hedonistic reproductive equality with men.

            The high Court struck down a Texas law requiring prevailing healthcare standards for abortion mills; this edict will affect similar existing and pending laws in other states.  Texas had the temerity to pass a law requiring abortion doctors to maintain “admitting privileges” with area hospitals in case complications required hospitalization for the mother of the murder victim.  Sort of like, one would expect the doctor snipping your kid’s tonsils out could admit your child to the hospital if there was a problem.

Texas also required abortion clinics to abide by the same standards as “Ambulatory Surgery Centers” (ASC), more commonly known as outpatient clinics.  An ASC has specific requirements to maintain proper staff, procedures, and equipment - simple standards common to protecting patients.  So now, routine procedures like knee arthroscopy, colonoscopy, cataract extraction, or even hemorrhoidectomies must meet higher standards than butchering a baby in the womb and scraping out the corpse.

Possibly limiting access to abortion will make liberals shriek injustice faster than any Muslim massacre, so the activist leftist Court leapt to defend infanticide.  Writing the majority opinion, Justice Breyer said: “neither of these [requirements] offers medical benefits sufficient to justify burdens upon access that each imposes.”

Let that sink in.  They discarded any public concern for healthcare standards to ensure abortion is readily available even if less safe.  So really, why can’t any hack anywhere offer people medical services just because he’s more convenient?  People sometimes travel the nation for the right treatment.  It’s about getting it right not just about getting it fast. 

Such lack of standards is not tolerated for any healthcare except for liberals’ favorite population control.  A woman will receive higher standard care for cyst excision than abortion if her unborn baby is mistaken for a mass, a morbid irony considering pro-abortion supporters insist its only tissue.

Dissenting, Justice Thomas highlighted a gross departure from accepted jurisprudence in that Plaintiffs cannot sue for a third party’s rights.  Abortion clinics sued Texas for individual women’s right to corporeal execution of babies, but individual women whose rights were supposedly abridged were not party to the case.  Thomas points out this complaint could only be filed by women who felt deprived not their vendors.

Abortion providers suing for your right to kill babies conveniently is like tobacco companies suing for your right to buy cigarettes at affordable prices because excessive tobacco taxes put an undue burden on smoking customers.  Any court would throw out a tobacco company as not having standing, but liberals like infanticide so they happily overlook the law.  And that is Thomas’ final sad point: “we have passed the point where law, properly speaking, has any further application.”

Liberals love lawlessness because it’s easier to recast society against the will of the people into their deluded PC amorality.  The Obama administration said “these restrictions harm women’s health and place an unconstitutional obstacle in the path of a woman’s reproductive freedom.”

Pregnancy is not a malady to be rooted out; it doesn’t harm women’s health.  And what is “reproductive freedom?”  Feminists are jealous that men can physically walk away from pregnancy while women are bound by the womb.  So rather than hold fathers accountable, liberals sacrifice the life of the child to give women the same opportunity for irresponsibility.

What a horrid selfish society that fights to sacrifice one life for the convenience of another.  Pray for America to turn from the abject evil of abortion!

“So you also outwardly appear righteous to others, but within you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.”  Matthew 23:28


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