Creator can always eclipse chaos

It seems Americans have become mired in endless angst and turmoil as the media incessantly pumps out torrents of fake news about how everyone is offended, oppressed, or victimized by everyone else.  If you believe the flood of silly news, we all hate each other so much the American experiment has failed.  We should all self-segregate into our assigned identity politics corners and never speak to each other again.  It’s hopeless; or is it?

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the total eclipse of the sun.  Across the country people poured into the streets and on to roof tops.  Everyone was in awe and somewhat entranced by the precision of creation.  For a few moments, there were no Democrats or Republicans or conservatives or liberals; there were just Americans standing side by side sharing special eclipse glasses.  In the intense solar glare, no one noticed color.

The daily withering barrage of mostly ad hominem attacks and constant bickering were pushing Americans to the brink.  The nonstop political chaos was fomenting a national nervous breakdown.  But just when many thought we were at the breaking point, our Creator wowed us with celestial splendor.  He captured our imaginations and when we paused to marvel, we must admit most everything else seems trivial and pettiness became even smaller.  Some may claim coincidence, but that eclipse was set for that day before time and when we needed it most.

It’s never in the news, but we actually see selfless compassion and random acts of kindness every day.  Sometimes it’s simple like the sweet black woman at Walmart helping an old white Veteran find something or a young white man holding the door for an old frail black woman.  The point is color doesn’t really matter in those examples; it’s just decent people caring about another human.

Other times it’s more serious when sickness or untimely death befall a family.  Friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and even strangers offer help, meals, support, and most important prayers.  Even if your faith is weak, the awesome advantage of people praying for you even people you don’t know is powerfully palpable.  And oddly enough, no one asks first if you are Democrat or Republican.  In fact, the most bitter political foes will put ideological animosities aside to comfort a friend in need or distress.  But the media typically won’t report it.

Hurricane Harvey devastated large swathes of Texas and despite a few unscrupulous politicians and morally bankrupt media trying to smear President Trump and others, government, communities, and neighbors leapt into action to help those in need.  Again, no one asked what party, what race, what religion, or even immigration status or gender orientation, they just pitched in to aid those affected by the storm.

That is America!  That is who we truly are at our core.  The extremists are just that; extreme, very few, and wholly rejected by the vast majority.  Sadly, our leaders in our shining capital city don’t want us to remember that.  They want us divided in acrimony forgetting our common bonds in liberty and justice for all.  That way we are easier to manipulate and rule.  They need us to need them.

The United States of America is a Republic solely designed for self-governance; we don’t need them.  We need each other and most of all we need our Creator who created us to be free.  That simple eclipse reminded us who is in control and by golly, He got our attention.  If we remember who is in control and that He commanded us to love one another and treat each other as we want to be treated, the American experiment will not fail.

“Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the LORD.”  Lamentations 3:40


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