Decades of leftist education finally bearing Bernie fruit

Popular perceptions hold that youth are obsessed with entertainment and technology and therefore apathetic toward adult endeavors like building a family, buying a house, or politics.  That may or may not be, but it appears millennials have finally found something they like in politics – socialism as embodied by Bernie Sanders.

            Before shrugging it off as youthful ignorance or inexperience, we should note that according to millennials (16-34) have surpassed the baby boomers (75.4 million) as the largest generation with 83.1 million.  If they decide to vote, their votes will loom large.

            Typically young voter participation is low, but that’s changing and millennials are coming out monolithically for the Bern man.  Among millennials, Sanders stomped Hillary in Iowa with 78% and trounced her in Michigan with 81%.  And, millennials prefer Democrats at 51%.

            In the most prosperous republic and model of capitalism, how did America lose its progeny to socialism?  Older generations often complain youth are just plain lazy; if so, it’s because we spoiled them.  But consider they have grown up with incredible automation and infinite information constantly in their hands, so why not use it?

            Despite a plethora of gadgets, it appears they face diminishing opportunities.  Regardless of government propaganda, college graduates are still finding it difficult to find requisite jobs.  According to, 51% of college graduates held jobs only requiring a High School Diploma in 2014.  With an uncertain future burdened by college debt, the Vermont Pied Piper’s songs about free education and well free everything are pretty catchy.

            Sanders stumbled into truth when he recently said “a college degree is the new High School Diploma.”  He meant jobs are so technical now you need more higher education, but reality is more like secondary education is failing so miserably students graduate often illiterate much less qualified for any job.  So, they’re forced to seek additional training or education to compete.

            Liberals have been watering down traditional education like history, literature, language, economics and math with more exciting courses like “Kanye West against everybody” or “the sociology of Miley Cyrus.”  Many colleges only require one history credit, so be entertained with “Cinema in History.”

            However, it’s not just the abandonment of core subjects; there is a distinct shift in focus and presentation to the FAR left.  The founding fathers are passé if taught at all and capitalism is presented as raw greed.  Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” is the most taught economics text on college campuses according to the Open Syllabus Project.  Americans are paying top dollar to indoctrinate our kids in socialism!

            Millennials are noticing the same real problems as everyone else, but an adulterated education and cynical outlook skewed by modern conveniences brings them to tenuous conclusions.  With fresh eyes, they wonder why is healthcare so expensive, why are wages stagnant, why is unemployment/underemployment so high, why is the middle class being squeezed out?

            The bitter irony is that government inculcation leads them to look to government for solutions not realizing big government in cahoots with big business are the ones selling us out.  The lack of teaching the Constitution has left youth learning about liberty and power in a near vacuum.

            One of the foremost lessons of the Constitution is to never allow concentrations of power; that is particularly dangerous in government but also in business.  We now have an even worse double whammy of government conspiring with mega-business to corral us as voters for one and consumers for the other with no escape from either.   Obamacare is the most blatant example.

            It is imperative we return to teaching individual liberty with all inherent rights and responsibilities is the foundation of freedom.  Free people provide for themselves or they are doomed to always asking their jailers for the key.

            “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs  22:6


Pete Riehm2016-03-19 18:32

Tony, Thanks for visiting and commenting. Legal immigrants actually take a pretty good "civics" test for citizenship; it covers more of our founding and Constitution than most HSs do now. I think you have a great idea and once we take back local control of education we should implement your idea.

Tony Few2016-03-18 13:53

Every high school senior should have to correctly define self determination and correctly explain checks and balances before receiving a diploma. But, that won't happen.