Denial is a river flooding Europe

            Many more centuries older than countries of the Americas, the nations of Europe seemed to finally become the wiser elders of the world after WWII.  Despite their previous long history of incessantly recurring continental wars, it seemed long term stability had at last settled on Europe.

            After huge American infusions by the Marshall Plan, thriving capitalist economies provided ample wealth for high quality of life.  Some built on their coffers and others started to drain them, but overall life in Europe was grand.  Incredibly beautiful and bucolic settings lured tourists from around the globe to sample Old World charms.

            Europe was not only affluent and tranquil; Europe was safe: women and children could walk the streets or country sides even at night without fear.  Predominantly Judeo-Christian cultures produced peoples that were obedient, thankful, and distinctly less disposed to crime, especially violent crime – that was the rest of the world, not Europe.

            While struggling with stumbling socialism and their super state (the European Union), the serenity of the supposedly most enlightened societies was shattered and splattered by radical Islamist terrorism.  Stunned like deer in the headlights, Europeans are scared not of the world but in their own homes from the cities to the tiniest village.

            Europe is not safe, not anywhere.  Forfeiting security for some multicultural myth, they’re importing an incompatible culture that will eventually rise up, overcome them, and eradicate any vestiges of anything European.  Europe will have purchased its own extinction.

            The Roman Empire prospered by protecting and spreading Roman culture; they went to great lengths to keep the barbarians out.  So why would Europeans invite the barbarians in and even concede to their brutish inferior culture of despotic death?

            Many Europeans will cringe at calling Muslim terrorists barbarians.  Progressivism is quite advanced in Europe, so many are abandoning national identities in favor of being worldly citizens.  Losing confidence in their national cultures, they wrongly assume like assorted ethnic cuisines the various cultures are all good just different flavors of the same food.

            Too many assume they can simply coexist like food kiosks in a mall and the globalist consumer only need be concerned with those suiting his palate.  There is complete denial that the loud obnoxious bearded men in the falafel stand will slit your throat for approaching any other vendors and they plan to blow up all the other kiosks anyway.

            The pernicious progressive philosophy has poisoned European press and politics.  They refuse to acknowledge the clash of cultures causing untold carnage.  They dismiss it, excuse it, or just lie about it.  In excruciating contortions, authorities and media tried to convince people the latest terror attack in London was by a mentally disturbed Norwegian.  Only social media exposed the fact it was a Somali teen that gained entry by EU open borders through Norway.

            German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere smugly lectured that an open democratic society must “to a certain extent endure some excesses of violence.”  WHAT?!  Elites carelessly scold the people to remain calm as they retreat to their well-guarded villas.  Globalists find a few thousand innocents slaughtered is an acceptable price to undermine nationalism.

            All the government and media voices insipidly chiding Europeans to not overreact to Islamist terror and embrace more Muslim hordes is eerily similar to Nazi guards calmly prodding Jews to board the trains in an orderly manner.

            German magazine, Der Spiegel (the mirror), recently asked “are we strong enough?”  The question was not really about defeating terror, but rather can they continue to accept refugees and handle the terror.  Europeans are largely in denial that they are in a Holy War with Islam; Islam seeks to conquer Christendom starting with Europe.

            No, they are not strong enough; no people can resist evil without God.  Europeans mistakenly believe that if they don’t believe in God, this is not a Holy War and good old humanism can make peace with evil they don’t believe in either.

            “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”  Proverbs 14:12


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