Diluting conservatism and Christmas

Elections and holidays are never a good mix.  After the shock a Democrat won a US Senate seat in deep red Alabama in a bitter and bruising series of special elections, folks are looking for fault.  Not solid Republican, but most Alabamians are conservative.  If any “conservative” leaning Democrats exist anymore, they would be in Alabama.  So how did a very liberal Democrat win?
The short answer is while Republicans were busy infighting spilling each other’s blood, Democrats exploited it with an incredible get out the vote ground game.  Spending millions, they sensed a tiny opening and got their base excited and united about an impossible opportunity.  Democrats owe a debt to the absurd and futile write-in candidates, a clever tactic and arguably the last little difference in a very tight election.
Roy Moore was certainly a controversial figure before the allegations of sexual misconduct, but that smarmy smear blew apart some already tenuous support.  The Republican establishment absolutely didn’t want Moore; they seemed more than willing to lose that seat to keep him out of the Senate.  So with the Washington elite working actively and openly against him and the uncertainty created by the salacious charges, anyone who already didn’t like Moore was validated.  The Republican vote was suppressed and split.
Moore still had a large strong base that barely fell short, but without dismissing the heinous slander, it manipulated a weakness that was already there.  Some charge Moore with arrogance and that he unnecessarily alienated moderate Republicans.  Moore and his campaign made some missteps, but why did so many Republicans dislike him?  His forthright fire and brimstone style was off-putting to many.  Some self-identified “conservatives” found Moore to be too “Christian.”
Although Moore supported Trump and his agenda, Trump as candidate is opposite of Moore.  Trump gives a nod to traditional values, but he is not a champion of Christian morality.  Trump offers to harness the out of control of government, so the economy can recover and prosperity returns for all.  Moore gives a nod to sound economic policy, but he emphasizes the importance of morality in our society to remain a free people.
Are we seeing evidence the “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” segment is growing and perhaps even already dominant?  Moderate and mostly millennial Republicans may concede moral issues, but they are not important to them.  They want a good economy and can’t be troubled with all that old fashioned freedom is only for a “moral and virtuous” people.  They think we are all just good people trying to get along, so they have no patience for any intolerance even for sin.
Like conservatism, we see Christmas similarly diluted.  Children are watching feel good Christmas type cartoons like “Trolls Holiday” and DreamWorks’ “Home for the Holidays.”  Both quirky movies have all the trappings of Christmas like decorations, gifts, and family togetherness, but do you know who is missing?  Christ!  Both determine Christmas is about our feelings and just being nice; it’s about us.  Never mind our Creator sent his only begotten Son as the most precious gift because He would eventually sacrifice His life for our eternal salvation.
The best most uplifting story in history, but that’s just too heavy.  We rather watch recycled singing and dancing to celebrate friendship with trolls and aliens.  Our popular culture wants the gifts, the tree, the trimmings, and the days off, but can’t be bothered with the reason for the season.  Most still concede it’s the birth of Jesus, but they have little interest in pondering the stupendous significance of that Baby in the manger when there are so many presents to unwrap.
Good economic times and plentiful presents may be upon us, but without common morality even a prosperous people can’t handle freedom.  And celebrating Christmas without Christ invites self-worship.  We become empty and selfish because we forget true love is selfless and starts with God.  America is great and we are free because God ordained it.  Please remember the importance of His birth.  Merry Christmas!
“They worship Me in vain; they teach as doctrine the precepts of men.”  Mark 7:7


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