Donkeys displaying Democrat disunity

            After a too long primary, any political convention is hard to watch unless you’re a diehard partisan or hardcore political junkie and even then it still seems masochistic.  Democrats made their convention particularly painful but yet amusing.

            During the RNC, the media was in pounce position trying to discern any hint of discord.  There was some early drama with “never Trumpers,” but overt dissatisfaction dissipated quickly.  Despite Ted Cruz’s speech which became awkward more out of confusion than consternation, the Republicans coalesced around their nominee and there was palpable enthusiasm.  The GOP finally united to beat Hillary with Trump as their champion.

            The DNC following the RNC made them look even better in hindsight.  The contrasts are stark.  Republicans plainly listed problems plaguing America; and Trump stood resolute to declare we can make America great again.  The press and pundits pooh-pooh all that, but the people gobbled it up.

            Juxtapose RNC decisiveness and determination with the DNC’s contradictory message that Hillary will build on Obama’s successful socialist utopia except that your life sucks so badly after 8 years of his leadership you need even more BIG government to give you any hope.  For instance, work force participation is lowest in over 40 years and home ownership is lowest in over 50 years!

            Perhaps most poignant was Michelle Obama’s declaration that her husband had already made America great.  Just 8 years ago, she had never been proud of her country until her husband was elected, but now her crowing about American greatness was peculiarly out of place following dozens of speakers expounding on rampant racism randomly and regularly killing minorities.

            Democrats believe they can have it both ways and an ignorant public will still find them credible.  Victimhood was center stage with endless tales of woe from police brutality, racism, and income inequality.  But despite all that mounting suffering, the beloved Obama had made America beautiful again.  Never mind stagnating wages, hidden record unemployment, rising violent crime, and intense racial tensions not seen since at least the 1960s.

            Democrats are distinctly disconnected from the masses and reality, but fawning press happily facilitate their delusions.  Real Clear Politics average shows about 69% of Americans believe America is headed in the wrong direction.

Americans are still fiercely patriotic, but nary an American flag could be found until late the second day when flags trickled in after acute twitter guilting.  There was a Palestinian flag and they found time to burn an Israeli flag.  Most Americans want illegal immigration brought under control; the DNC extolled illegal immigration.  Most Americans want the Islamic threat neutralized; Democrats booed Leon Panetta for saying we should go after ISIS.  But Democrats cheered wildly for abortion while a majority of Americans believe it’s morally wrong.

            Democrats consistently align with anybody but Americans and in too many cases sheer evil.  Despite stunning tone deafness, the Democrats disjointed message is not what will doom Hillary.  Decades of extreme identity politics have come home to roost in deep seated disunity.  The DNC did little to appease rabid Bernie supporters; they actually turned out the lights on them, turned up the music on them, and even confiscated their signs.

            The DNC didn’t get the memo Trump forced the RNC to accept.  This is the most virulent anti-establishment election year in living memory, but the DNC nominated two ultimate insider career politicians, the epitome of establishment.  Pro-life and pro Trans-Pacific Partnership, Senator Tim Kaine as VP was a direct slap at their ever more leftist base.

            Covering up all the Bernie and even Jill Stein support, Democrats lack even a modicum of enthusiasm.  Hillary couldn’t even keep Bill awake.  However, all the issues aside the American people are united against establishment politicians in both parties, so it’s a pretty simple deduction that the non-politician wins hands down.

            “Now the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to ask for Barabbas.”  Matthew 27:20


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