Fishing, hunting, and trapping

Democrats and the media have been literally screaming about Trump’s Russian collusion at everyone and everything.  Barking at the moon, some have actually howled their deep disdain at the sky.  Their persistent protests have been obnoxious and almost overwhelming.  Ever notice how the loudest accusers are often the very ones actually guilty of their incessant insufferable allegations?

Bingo!  We are witnessing the most cunning elaborate ruse in modern politics.  If you haven’t been paying attention, the whole Russian narrative flipped when the Uranium One scam finally made it into the public consciousness.  It became obvious the Clintons schemed with the Russians to exchange American uranium for Russian millions to the Clinton Foundation.  They renewed “their” Russian collusion by funneling money through Fusion GPS to hire a former Brit spy to buy dirt on Trump from the Russians.  With purchased propaganda, they pawned it off as “intelligence” to the FBI to initiate counter-intelligence surveillance of Trump and then use the fabrication as an excuse to investigate the lie they made up. 

Very brazen and clever, but how did they fool the FBI?  Or did they?

This may seem like just another partisan food fight, but somewhere along the way the FBI and DOJ either chose a side or somehow got so entangled they found themselves on a side.  Then FBI Director Robert Mueller has some explaining about how while his FBI was investigating certain Russians for bribery and espionage, he let some of them make a deal with Hillary for uranium.  What was Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton’s secret meeting on a Phoenix tarmac about?  Why did FBI’s Peter Strzok change the characterization of Hillary’s email handling from the illegal “grossly negligent” to the more innocuous not illegal “extremely careless?”  Why did then FBI Director James Comey usurp the Attorney General’s authority and in a press conference basically absolve Hillary of the crimes he literally just described?

A very tangled web, but in short the FBI and DOJ were compromised.  Like the IRS and EPA, the Obama Administration successfully weaponized federal agencies to thwart, suppress, or just spy on their political enemies.  Obama and the Democrats have plenty to hide, but ultimately they will claim it’s just politics, spin it on CNN, and probably walk away to some lucrative book deal.  The FBI and DOJ just can’t walk away from broken laws; they have to prosecute or hide them.

When Hillary unexpectedly lost the election, Democrats and deep state operatives in the FBI and DOJ must have been panic stricken sitting on scads of scandals with a new sheriff on the way.  How do they keep Trump from finding Clinton collusion with the Russians?  From finding Bill made a deal with Lynch to cover up the email scandal?  Accuse Trump of doing everything Clinton and Democrats were doing! 

Much better political chess players, the Democrats had this planned early on.  Sure they tried to use it in the election, but they really needed it in case Trump won.  The FBI and DOJ were stonewalling Trump from day one.  Even Comey admits he planted the trigger by his firing for a Special Counsel.  But this is the only Special Counsel appointed where there was no suspected crime defined, Mueller was literally told to FIND a crime.  The Manafort indictment for tax evasion from years before the campaign shows this is a huge fishing expedition! 

Few were reporting as Mueller assembled his tilted team, but the fanatical Trump haters are finally being exposed.  And what ya know?  It’s pretty much the same crew that covered for Hillary.  Tweets and actions by key players like Peter Strzok, Andrew Weismann, and others show their utter disdain for Trump and they’re clearly hunting for Trump trophies.

Media keeps misreporting developments wishing so hard something will topple Trump, but the Michael Flynn plea deal about lying to the FBI about “LEGAL” activity “AFTER” the election shows Mueller is also  out trapping for anything.  But do not dismiss his biased band of rogue attorneys.  To them it’s not about covering for Democrats anymore; it’s self-preservation.

“At this, the administrators and the satraps tried to find grounds for charges against Daniel in his conduct of government affairs, but they were unable to do so.”  Daniel 6:4



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