Français les morts ambulants

           The Eurozone is on edge!  Europeans held their breath as millions of French citizens filed into polling stations under heavy guard by thousands of Gendarmes in the first national election during a state of emergency.  The sixth Muslim terror attack on Paris in two years precipitated extraordinary security.  With Islamic violence occurring about weekly, it seems more an ordinary state of abnormal danger, but the French were not dissuaded from voting in their highly prized secular republic.

            However, the threat of more Jihadist terror was not the cause of high anxiety on the continent.  The Drudge Report blared “Le Pen, Le Panique!”  The European establishment and media are frightened out of their hairy armpits that French Nationalist Marine Le Pen could possibly “Trump” the French presidency.

            In a bizarre election system, France held sort of super jungle primary 23 April where all candidates competed in somewhat of an open brawl.  Unless one candidate attains over 50%, there is a run off in two weeks for the top two finishers.  An ultra-left socialist ideologue and a corrupt establishment conservative failed to make the cut; sounds vaguely familiar.

            As feared by French elite, Le Pen garnered second with about 22.7% and will face front runner and self-described “centrist” Emmanuel Macron with about 23.2% in the run off.  Macron is enigmatically described by some as a “Rothchild Banker,” but he was an economic advisor to hardcore socialist, President Francois Hollande; perhaps balancing those two extremes lands in the center.  Nevertheless, Macron is a dedicated big government globalist committed to the European Union.

            Therefore, French citizens have a distinct choice.  An unabashed nationalist, Le Pen talks openly of “Frexit” from the EU, abandoning the Euro to reinstitute the Franc, France First economic development to bring jobs back to France, and a hardline on immigration.  While her positions are quite Trumpian and many hope France will catch the populist wave, none of it will matter.  She might win, but France is already a walking dead country.

            France gave up on France long ago.  Complicated and still much debated, the French Revolution unlike the American Revolution where power was seized by “We the people” essentially traded out one set of tyrants for another.  Highly charged by Machiavellian politics and Enlightenment philosophies, turmoil in France continued simply forgetting their spiritual roots as defenders of the faith.  No one remembers or cares Charlemagne united Christendom in Europe and the throne of the Holy Roman Empire was wrought in Gallia.

            Disillusioned by corrupt clergy and kings, France was determined to be a secular republic.  By 1905, France passed laws specially delineating a “separation of church and state;” and so started over a century crusade to push Christianity out of French culture.  Steadily, any religious symbols have been prohibited in public, Christianity has been almost suffocated in France.

            Over 80% of French “nominally” identify as Catholic, but only a paltry 5% attend mass regularly.  France once protected the Papacy, but Pope Francis is more obsessed with global warming and social justice – he seems inured to empty churches and Christ’s absence from the public square.  France has sold its soul for the ostensible humanist paradise.

            A secular republic is stark reality, but at the cost of once vibrant French culture.  France is just another EU consumer market; the French don’t even value anything French anymore.  Therefore, there are few if any Frenchmen willing to die for France’s bland part of a crumbling politically correct continent.  So the now godless French can’t grasp that the rapidly growing virulent Muslim minority is absolutely willing to die for a Hijab.

            The Muslim hordes taking over French cities are only a generation from winning the second Battle of Tours.  For all the political hype, Le Pen cannot hope to resuscitate a dying nation.  She is rather the last gasp of a country once called France.

            “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”  James 2:26


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