Good or bad, strength matters in leadership

           What is a leader?  What is a peacemaker?  Apparently, the Clinton campaign and Norwegian Nobel Committee are easily confused.  The Clinton campaign seems stunned to hear Obama is a weak leader when the Nobel knuckleheads had such high hopes he would part the waters and pacify the planet, they awarded Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace prize before he could really start destabilizing the international order.

            As Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos receives the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize and the Clinton campaign continues feigning indignation trying mostly in vain to whip hysteria over Trump’s statements that Putin is a “strong” leader and a “better” leader than Obama, it’s perhaps a unique opportunity to revisit Obama’s abject failure as a peacemaker and leader.

            Several times Trump has mentioned that Russian leader Putin is a “strong” leader and when challenged asserted he is a “better” leader than Obama anyway.  Predictably, such blunt pronouncements sent the hallowed halls of media propaganda into uncontrollable spasms.  Colluding with Clinton apologists as usual they cried in chorus: Trump loves Putin!  Trump thinks Russia is better!  Trump wants to be like Putin!

            Typically twisting truth and missing the point, the media ignored Trump’s caveats that he did not like the Russian system but Putin was clearly in control with wide support from the Russian people.  Putin defends Russia without hesitation or question and has expanded Russian influence.  The world may not like him, but when Putin talks they listen.  The world loves Obama, but heed little he says.

NATO is more worried about what Putin thinks and does.  America has lost all respect in the Middle East; Russia does as they please in Syria, cooperates with Iran, and is wooing Turkey from the NATO fold while Secretary Lurch stammers incomprehensibly and Obama obliviously plays more golf.

The United States has become a hollow shell under Obama.  With American military presence slung far and wide, it’s too small, ineffective, and weakened by a hopelessly feckless foreign policy.  He has no strategies really for anything other than allies and enemies should submit to his whims because he was preordained by the Nobel nuts.

Obama brags about ending the Iranian nuclear program diplomatically, but everyone knows instead he was either suckered or sold out to fund Iranian nukes and terror exports.  He has turned Afghanistan and Iraq into unmanageable messes leaving a sadly inadequate military presence as sitting ducks.  Obama and Hillary Clinton turned Libya into a chaotic flaming heap where the next rogue terror state is baking.  They almost destroyed Egypt with their attempts to hand power to Obama’s buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama talks about Pacific trade, but North Korea continues to run amok with unsettling random attacks while sitting atop a nuclear arsenal.  And China has been left to their own devices expanding economic and military presence largely unchecked.

Obama’s reset with Russia has essentially resurrected the Cold War.  After Obama killed missile defense systems for Eastern Europe early in his administration, Putin took it as a green light to start reclaiming the Soviet empire.  The Baltic States live in constant fear.  Europe has lost confidence in a fickle America, so NATO stumbles and each nation realizes they must negotiate with Russia because American leadership is missing in action. Putin annexed Crimea in a hostile takeover and continues to threaten Ukraine with barely a protest from the west. 

Despite Nobel fantasies, Obama has not even kept the peace much less spread peace.  In fact, Obama’s utter lack of leadership has deprived the world of vital American leadership.  Into that vacuum, strongmen like Putin with much better leadership skills have rushed in upsetting the international scene.  The media refuses to acknowledge the Nobel forecast has failed to come to fruition, so Trump is only saying what thinking Americans already know.

“Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.” Proverbs 11:14


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