Government knows best

            Some 50+ years ago, we had a bold president promise to put a man on the moon, but now we have a brazen president threaten to put a man in the girls’ bathroom.  Back then, “Father knows best” was a popular TV show; now Americans are being forced to accept government knows best.

            When the federal government declared they could dictate what light bulbs you could buy and then mandate what health insurance you must buy, we should’ve known it will never stop.  It hasn’t and it won’t.

            Obama’s latest assault on American culture and society launched a salvo square in the toilet aiming at the family as collateral damage.  The transgender bathroom brouhaha was the first shot at undefining male and female roles, but the royal edict forcing this abject absurdity on school children is the next shot to establish they are not really your kids anyway.

            For decades, the federal government has been creeping deeper into education to gain complete control of American youth.  The first battles were in American universities which are now hotbeds for atheism, humanism, socialism and any other imaginable “ism,” but capitalism, Christianity, and liberty are shunned if not outright condemned.

            With college campuses largely conquered, progressives turned to secondary education with salacious sex education designed more to seduce than educate and negation of parental rights with the ludicrous notion children cannot take an aspirin without written parental consent, but school officials are fully vested to help children obtain abortions without any parental involvement.

            Schools are saturated with liberal nonsense, but control is not complete.  Various federal initiatives over the years have attempted to seize curricular control.  While they make inroads, they eventually meet resistance.  Even the invasive Common Core is slowly being pushed out state by state.

The beta test for greater control was Michelle Obama’s school lunch directives.  Eating healthier is an easily supported topic, but it trained schools to accept federal regulation of the minutest detail without question.  Seriously, are schools so inept that menus require central planning by the queen? 

            As the transgender debate boils over, the Obama administration sent parents reeling with a prurient broadside that public schools must accommodate transgender students.  Forget privacy rights for 99+% of all students; some unknown tiny percentage of troubled youth will be the focus of all bathroom and locker room attention - awkward.

            There is no wise compassion in emboldening children to explore the deviant frontiers of their sexuality while their classmates watch.  With only a modicum of common sense, we don’t let children drive, drink alcohol, do drugs, have sex, or get married – all because they are TOO YOUNG!  They’re not ready to handle adult issues.

            What’s a more adult decision than deciding to change genders?!  Certainly youth are plagued by various demons in this hypersexualized world, but encouraging children to experiment with any adult activity is plain child abuse.

            Allowing little boys to pee with little girls is not the goal however.  It’s about making everything relative such that children cannot be grounded and secure because everything just depends.  There is no male and female; it’s gender fluidity.  Facebook has 56 choices for gender.

            Government wants to thrust children into this uncertain morass to foment the fiercest fights so government will be called to offer safe spaces.  After causing this chaos, government will claim only they can protect such myriad diversity, so they will assert even greater control of education.  Not unlike Hitler, progressives are determined to transform society in a generation.

            Our government considers Americans too simple and moralistic to raise global citizens, so this is about eventually seizing our children to make a better world.  Beware the world.

            “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”  Matthew 18:6


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