Hostage crisis inverted

            And then there was one.  In a surprising twist, Trump trounced Ted Cruz at his Hoosier firewall.  The pundits that have been wrong about a year now resolutely prognosticated the Indiana primary would be a real test for The Donald.  Oops, Trump slam dunked the Hoosier primary.

            Before the Indiana beat down could be processed, Cruz suspended his campaign.  And shortly thereafter, John Kasich dropped out with the same convoluted reasoning that kept him in long past his contested convention expiration date.  So supporters were left stunned on the battlefield when they noticed their champions were gone.

            General elections are expected to get heated if not nasty; and really so do primaries, but it’s still unsettling to hear “colleagues” in the same party go for one another’s throat.  And the current election always seems worse, but perhaps this one was with all the personal attacks, even on wives.

            But all that vitriolic banter should be over now.  Republicans will unite behind the presumptive nominee to put a Republican in the White House – right?  Not so fast loyal elephant pin wearing party member.  The GOP has principles.  Like frugal and prudent spending except the GOP has not slowed any spending; in fact, they gave Obama a blank check through the end of his term.  It must be limited government then; except they doubled the size of government under Bush.

            OK, truth be told principles are just a bunch of feel good talk to attract donations and votes.  The sole purpose of a political party is to get partisans elected; true allegiances and values matter not as long as you wear the right jersey.  So the GOP should be rushing to support Trump over whatever Democrat is not in custody – right?

            Well, wrong again diehard GOP disciple.  Suddenly some people want to stand on their convictions.  There certainly are genuine conservatives with deep seated reservations about Trump’s actual beliefs and commitment to conservative reforms, but beyond the grassroots conservatives that have been fighting in the trenches few are believable.

            The upper echelon donors and pundits along with the Republican leadership are much harder to take.  Most of them are the same folks that scolded conservatives to set their convictions aside for McCain and then Romney because the most important thing was that we get a Republican president to work with a Republican Congress.  Unless of course that Republican is Trump?

            The elite self-righteous indignation reeks of hypocrisy when you consider the brouhaha last year demanding Trump sign a party loyalty pledge swearing to support the ultimate GOP nominee and forgo any third party flirtations.  Loyalty in political parties is like integrity among thieves.

            What happened to all that nattering about any Republican, even a weak or liberal one is better than any America hating socialist Democrat?!  After Obama, how can anyone think Obama 2.0 in pants suit is even tolerable?!

The GOP has held conservatives hostage for decades constantly badgering them with the worn-out mantra: “you have nowhere else to go; Republican is your only choice.”  Funny how the establishment chaffs when they are hostage to the masses that have roundly repudiated them and forced an outsider into their vaunted inner circles.

            What incredible irony in the horrible howling how Trump is counter to everything the GOP stands for and he will desecrate the noble GOP.  LOL!!!  If anything, we’ve learned the GOP stands for squat.  There are valid concerns about Trump’s core beliefs, but they are no worse than the hollow history of Republican platitudes.

            At this point, the people are over it.  If Trump can win and perhaps salvage Republicans, fine.  But if in whatever scenario he destroys the GOP, that’s fine too.  Conservatives no longer suffer any Stockholm syndrome.

            “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”  Daniel 2:21


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