Imagine if Trump only had a party

The ceaseless cacophony created by media constantly hawking mostly fake news and politicians incessantly bickering and posturing but accomplishing nothing is tiresome and excruciatingly tedious.   But they have a purpose.  We are being inundated with a daunting daily din of hollow high anxiety that quickly evaporates without substance to annoy and anger Americans to the point of exhaustion, numbness, and resignation of inescapable futility.

The media loves it because they only need to toss around whatever vague or wild allegations and then report on each other while the public is confused trying to determine whose distortion is bigger or worse.  Politicians dutifully engage in hyperbole and finger pointing to maintain the illusion of activity while discreetly perpetuating the status quo.  That’s the dirty secret.  Despite all the chopping on reform, there ain’t no chips flying.

Both Party establishments do NOT want change!  Though they tussle between themselves, they’ve consolidated tremendous power in Washington.  Democrats and Republicans are content tugging back and forth on the federal leviathan as long as the power stays in elite hands.  But under NO circumstances is any power to be devolved back to the states or God forbid the people.  And certainly not to an outsider!

Definitely an outsider, President Trump is the central focus of establishment and media ire and intrigue, but make no mistake: every attack on Trump is an attack on you!  Trump is the easy target and they spare no bile or venom, but all that angst, disdain, and bare knuckled hatred is for average Americans.  The progressive ruling elite is bipartisan in their consensus that traditional American values may be quaint, but they’re wholly obsolete and incompatible for the global society they pursue.

Our Washington betters don’t believe we can fend for ourselves and actually don’t think Americans even want the opportunity anymore.  Sadly, that may be true among a growing segment of mis-educated millennials.  But we have a whole young generation that has never known prosperity; and optimism for the future seems like a cruel joke.  They and too many of us think we are fighting over scraps on a sinking ship.

That is cynical lie to trick Americans into forfeiting freedom for tenuous security!  America’s best days still can be ahead.  Despite all the Congressional, Judicial, and media obstruction, President Trump is making slow progress.  Just imagine if he only had a party to advance his America first agenda!!!

Despite persistent covert and overt obstruction, Trump is making steady and largely unreported headway.  By simply enforcing existing laws, illegal immigration has plummeted by about two thirds even before the wall.  Just renegotiating some trade deals and trashing stupidity like the Paris Agreement is improving trade.  Slashing onerous regulations is liberating latent demand long suppressed in our economy.  Trump is fostering healthy job creation and second quarter GDP hit 2.6%.

That’s still anemic, but a good start after a decade of barely 2% growth eroding the American pie (3% is break even.).  However, if this moribund Republican Congress could ever get over itself and pass comprehensive tax reform; the American economy would probably roar.  We could see 4, 5, 6, or more percent GDP growth!  That’s the robust recovery America needs and Americans deserve.  We would see genuine full employment with good full time jobs and incomes could start growing again.

Just imagine; America would thrive again!  We have at least one whole generation that has never known national prosperity.  With the middle class growing again, millennials might even learn about true hope – happiness just from opportunity.

But all of that is exactly why the Washington establishment will do everything possible to thwart Trump.  If real economic growth allows the middle class to prosper again, Trump will undoubtedly be reelected; and Mike Pence after him.  Certain only the elite make America great, they will obstruct growth to stop Trump.

“Keep deception and lies far from me, Give me neither poverty nor riches; Feed me with the food that is my portion.”  Proverbs 30:8


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