Immigration is a privilege not a prescription

          The truth can be quite aggravating and hurtful, but that doesn't change the fecal facts.  Another superficial scheisse storm raged after President Trump's supposed comments upon hearing the ostensible immigration compromise by the "Gang of Six," a complicit group of Democrats and wannabe Democrats.  The preening conspirators about fell off their stools when Trump flatly declared their dubious concession simple hogwash.

            Shocked by the abrupt presidential flush, the ensuing excremental exclamations were all about bad language and trying to divert the debate into racism to avoid the real flaws of their proposed deal and our failed immigration policies.  The Senate pretenders literally tried to polish the same broken immigration dung and pawn it off on Trump as new poop.  The Donald was not fooled; their plan changed nothing.

            Out of ideas and toilet paper, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) aided by a belligerently biased media tried to make Trump's pointed criticism the flashpoint for another pointless dumpster fire.  Regardless of the actual words used, Trump spoke the harsh truth.  Some countries are less desirable or successful, and some just plain disastrous defecation. 

            The incredible irony is illegal immigrants agree with Trump; that's precisely why they are fleeing their homelands - their home countries have become irredeemable rot.  All the liberals feigning indignation also agree.  Just ask them would they vacation in Spain or Sudan?  Ireland or Iran?  Why do we only get cars and electronics from the southern half of the Korean peninsula?  Why is half the island of Hispaniola a prosperous resort nation and the other a hopeless cesspool of human misery?

            There are good nations and bad, but that is not to say the people are bad.  Nazi Germany was very bad, but Germans as a people are not bad.  We must be able to discern what is truly bad in tradition and philosophy and defend against it.

            While we may welcome people from any country, we will not necessarily welcome their culture or customs.  If your nation endorses death to non-Muslims or exports terrorism, we don't want any of that.  If your nation believes women are chattel or children can marry, that is not welcome.  If your nation is hopelessly corrupt or ruled by tyrannical dictators, just leave that bunk behind.

            After we accept life is not fair and all nations are not created equal, we must also accept that our immigration laws are not for the benefit of the immigrants; the intent is to benefit the United States.  America is a nation of immigrants, but there have always been two simple requirements.  Any immigrant must be able to at least function here plus contribute to our society; and most of all they must want to be Americans!

            Sure, everyone wants to come to the greatest nation on the planet as evidenced by the throngs crossing our borders, but that is a privilege not a right.  Bringing in immigrants with education or skills lacking here enhances our country, but why would we allow uneducated unskilled unemployable hordes to enter?  We already have an underclass struggling to make a living, so illegal immigrants with nothing to offer only strains waning resources for under privileged Americans.  Or they compete for scarce menial jobs.

            None of that is to say Americans just don't care; we send more aid and charity overseas than any nation in history.  And we can probably better help troubled people help themselves in their homelands than bringing them here to overwhelm our society.  Immigration without merit or requirements just makes no sense unless there is another objective.

            That is exactly what is happening here.  Democrats don't have more compassion for oppressed immigrants; they have ulterior motives.  Democrats don't view immigration as a privilege; it's a prescription for electoral expansion.  Illegal or not, immigration is a voter drive for Democrats.  Having written off working Americans, multitudes of new citizens dependent on government would be ripe for Democrat registration.

            "They came up with their livestock and their tents like swarms of locusts. It was impossible to count them or their camels; they invaded the land to ravage it."  Judges 6:5


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