In a media far far away

           Some 84 million Americans tuned in to the first presidential debate of 2016.  Like a main event at World Wide Wresting, “The Donald” hailing from New York and “Hillary the Bimbo Terminator” hailing from Chicago or Little Rock or maybe New York entertained and provided ample controversy.

            As always, people see what they want to see.  Both sides as expected claimed victory; Clinton supporters groaned about the brash Trump and Trump supporters griped about the arrogant Clinton.  But who really won or at least scored points with voters?  Certain Clinton won, the media quite frankly didn’t give a damn about what the people thought.

            Talking heads universally declared Clinton a winner pretty much on style.  They raved about how she controlled the debate even though she seemed to bobble at Trumps repeated jabs to the head about everything from her energy and jobs killing policies to her abject failures in security.  They admired her well-rehearsed answers, even quips, and how she hit all her talking points like a smooth used car salesman.

            Basically the media was in awe of Clinton because she is such a polished politician as opposed to the swaggering Trump defiantly declaring he would cut taxes, renegotiate trade deals, and secure our borders.  Oh how gauche!  Such blatant self-confidence just isn’t done in the rarefied air of polite company.

            After watching a typically aggressive Trump performance, the punditry reviews were surreal chiding him for being on defense.  (He did nibble at bait he should have let pass.)  They sounded like elite art critics admiring technicolor vomit splattered on the wall; carrying on in esoteric terms about symmetry and juxtaposition while common folks just see puke.

            Our elite media betters have been befuddled by this entire presidential election this before the primaries.  They like establishment politicians think this is just another election pitting Democrat verses Republican, left verses right, liberal verses conservative.  WRONG!  This election is wholly about the outsider challenging the insider, the people rebelling against the establishment.

            The people have come to distrust and even disdain the federal government.  Animosity is beyond palpable; it’s percolating!  From their ivory towers on the left and wrong coasts, the media refuse to believe the discontent is genuine or widespread and certainly not justified. 

            The American press no longer knows any average Americans.  They cannot see what the people see much less understand popular reactions.  Average Americans saw a prepared packaged politician promise to continue the same unpopular policies that wrought economic malaise, racial turmoil, and made America unsafe challenged by an aggressive non-politician simply saying stop the madness, we can do better.

            It’s a simple equation.  Clinton stands for the status quo: same politics, same policies, same people.  By any metric, Americans are not happy and less prosperous, so they simply have no reason to continue on the present course.  Trump stands for change!  Though some doubt his capacity to govern effectively, everyone agrees Trump will upset the politics and people in Washington.  And that’s exactly what the people want.

            The media is utterly disconnected from the reality of ordinary citizens.  They are even denying the online polls showing Trump won overwhelming.  They are livid that the people might think something the press didn’t tell them.  They are attacking the online polls because regular people conspiring on social media to have their voices heard is simply absurd and unacceptable.

            The mainstream media bubble is immense, impenetrable, and so far above the American heartland they can’t even hear us anymore.  But they’re unaware the people no longer listen to them either.  Convinced their pronouncements matter, the media will be devastated when the people burst that lofty bubble with a large clumsy and perhaps ugly Trump harpoon.

             “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.”  Colossians 2:8


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