Is it time for gun control?

The nation is still reeling and rightfully so from the latest school shooting in Parkland Florida.  Frightened families and eager activists protested in Tallahassee for gun control.  President Trump hosted a White House “listening session” where he compassionately listened to scared students recount the horrors and anguished parents express their grief and anger.  They begged for protection and demanded action.  Trump pledged action.

With emotions and hyperbole still fever pitch, reasoned debate to determine effective viable solutions is difficult and perhaps still elusive.  The media and manipulators busily cast aspersions to cloud the issue, so toss that nonsense aside.  No reasonable people wish harm on others, especially our children.  So no matter our politics, we should all be able to agree enough is enough.  Senseless slaughter should not be tolerated and prevented to the greatest degree possible.

But what will actually work?  That depends on Americans and our society.

Gun control is a highly controversial and volatile topic, so before we can assess the ramifications, we must understand the Second Amendment and the basic rights and responsibilities of every American citizen.  The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting or recreation; it’s about self-defense and self-determination.

Our fundamental right to life gives us the right to defend that life.  In self-government, each citizen has a responsibility equal to that of the government to defend life, so we are entitled to the same means available to the government.  The privileges of the government should never exceed the rights of the people, so banning any weapons from the citizens that the government may have subordinates the rights of the people.

Regarding self-determination, the founders found it necessary to throw off a tyrannical government and in that noble endeavor force was justified.  They recognized the terrible power of government could be abused, so it might be necessary to repeat that exercise.  Therefore, they gave posterity the Second Amendment to ensure Americans always have that option should they ever deem it necessary again – a brutal reality snowflakes shiver to contemplate.

Per actual statistics, where gun ownership is high, crime is low.  Minnesota set a record for gun ownership and also set a 50 year low for violent crime in 2016.  Whereas Chicago with some of the strictest gun control laws is perennially setting records for violent crime.  Therefore, it’s supported by facts and logically follows, a more effective way to protect schools is with armed guards and armed teachers.

Banning guns will deprive responsible citizens of their fundamental rights to self-defense and self-determination.  However, a panicked public and gun control fanatics are willing to sacrifice liberty for perceived security.  Never mind that gun control only hobbles law abiding citizens as criminals will flout any laws to commit their dastardly deeds.

Therein lies the real question before Americans.  Are we no longer equipped or willing to handle our responsibilities for self-government?  Liberal pop culture demands their indulgences, but eschews the requisite morality to moderate and self-regulate.  In effect, they are saying that they cannot or are unwilling to be responsible for their actions and will forfeit rights to any master that will assure their safety while they play.

We are facing a quantum departure from the original concept of American freedom where every citizen is sovereign with the same rights and responsibilities as government.  If our people as a society are unable to control their emotions and actions or discern the deadly differences between video fantasies and the abrupt finality of real bullets, they must have a master to maintain order. 

Thorough background checks and restrictions on those mentally incapacitated should be certain.  However, if the citizenry embraces immorality and eschews virtue, it does not deserve freedom nor can it handle it – gun control will become necessary to ride herd on an unruly populace.

At its core, the argument for gun control is not about controlling guns but rather admitting we cannot control ourselves.  If that is indeed the state of our citizenry, the expiration of our republic is imminent.

"A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.” Proverbs 25:28


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