It's all just noise; pointless useless noise

           Living next to the railroad, it's said one eventually tunes out the earsplitting blare and clatter of trains rumbling right past your abode.  After over a year of deafening din from assorted anti-Trumpers from the press to pundits to politicians of all stripes, the incessant pointless useless noise is still annoying but less and less distracting.

            Unlike the steady drone of a roaring freight train, the constant cacophony of Trump criticisms and insults is regularly accentuated by gasps, screams, and shrieks.  It's harder to ignore and takes longer for one to become accustomed, but it is clearly hypocritical and superficial - it's just noise.

            In the oversized media echo chamber, arrogant phony journalists and ruling elite repeatedly revel with each reverberation of their opinionated attacks based on fake news reports they feed to one another.  Early in the primaries, we were told Trump was imminently unqualified to be president and besides he could never win the general election.  He blasted through the Republican primary and handily bested Hillary Clinton.

            Since Trump could not have beaten Hillary fairly, the next narrative was he must have cheated, so Democrats with their FBI accomplices and media cronies came up with "Russian collusion."  But after millions spent and a year in, there is still no evidence and not even a crime.  The Special Counsel is grasping at pre-campaign tax evasion and "gotcha" process crimes to justify its inbounded budget and infinite scope.  However, the more Mueller digs the harder it is to ignore and keep covered the real collusion and bribery between the Clinton Foundation and the Kremlin in Uranium One.

            With the Russian nonsense steadily unraveling, Democrats and media are desperate for anything to stop Trump. With allegations of sexual misconduct bringing down Hollywood and some politicians, they try that from time to time, but they forget to keep the payments to accusers hidden.  With nothing left, the lefty loons are doubling down on Trump being mentally ill and unfit for office.

            Ponder that for a moment.  The party that brought you "climate scammer" Al Gore, Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, intellectual luminaries California Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee just to name a few wants you to believe Donald Trump is incompetent.  They swear he is not just stupid; the Donald is crazy. 

            Various media hacks and Democrats keep bringing up the 25th Amendment which allows for succession to the President should he become unable to discharge his duties.  The silly mostly unsubstantiated Michael Wolff screed will allow them to float that balloon again, but there is nothing there beyond book sales for Wolff.

            No serious people give the 25th amendment or impeachment any credence; it's all just more noise and it's becoming quite tedious.  Americans are tired of all the political intrigue and squabbling; they want action.  Delivering plenty of action, President Trump is boosting the economy, beating back our enemies and criminals, boarding up the border, and simply bringing back American greatness.

            Unfortunately, the endless noise will continue through 2018 and beyond, but Democrats, media, and whatever collection of socialists have a valid reason for continuing their spurious slander of Trump.  He is proving the dead end liberal vision of socialist stagnation for America is detrimental and certainly not inevitable.  As Trump returns prosperity, Americans particularly millennials will learn they can survive and even thrive without being dependent on government for basic needs. 

            Therein is the source for liberal angst.  Trump is not only dismantling Obama's legacy, he is disproving the tenets of socialism.  When the American dream is available, Americans want it and will pursue it to attain independence.  Those Americans tend not to vote Democrat and that's what all the pointless useless noise is really about.  So just tune it out and chase your American dream!

            "With their mouths the godless destroy their neighbors, but through knowledge the righteous escape." Proverbs 11:9


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