Killing the American spirit

The most selfless act is giving one’s life for the benefit of others.  The epitome of such sacrifice was Christ suffering horrifically to die on the cross for our sins; He willingly gave His life for our eternal lives and salvation.  When our military or first responders volunteer prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us, it is humbling and awe inspiring.  And when any of those brave souls gives that last full measure of devotion, the only possible response is profound respect, eternal appreciation, and deep sorrow.

The courageous Americans that serve our country in uniform come from all ethnic, racial, religious, and political backgrounds; they mirror the best our nation has to offer.  Never asking to protect only those who look like them or with whom they agree, they vow to preserve a Constitutional Republic designed to guarantee liberty and justice for all Americans.

Similarly, when any of these heroes falls, the only thing we need to know is that an American has fallen in the line of duty.  The undeniable American tradition is to mourn and honor our fallen without any regard to ethnicity, race, or especially political persuasion.  It’s one of the few times we unite to recognize we all cherish American freedom and greatly value those who serve this great nation.  So when the somber silence is shattered especially with cheap political smears, the offensive caterwauling echoes off of tombstones across our land.

The unseemly and distasteful public row started by a shameless Florida Congresswoman exploiting the vulnerable grief of a Gold Star Family to feed her tawdry tired anti-Trump attacks incensed Americans.  It was heinous and unconscionable.  The nation was shocked and as General John Kelly asked, “Is nothing sacred anymore?”

Though we still strive for decorum and dignity in times of tragedy to keep sacred such solemn occasions, the globalist goal is indeed that there be nothing sacred in America.  The Congresswoman’s incredibly crass assault was just a probing jab in an ongoing campaign to kill the American spirit.  Leftists and globalists despise patriotism as a distraction from fealty to world governance.  They want people to hold nothing in higher esteem.

Still doubling down on failed protests, NFL players are pawns in the strategy to devalue the flag, destroy honor, and demolish our culture.  The continuing disrespect for America is intended to erode our traditions with controversy and politicize everything until Americans simply turn away.  If our children do not grow up learning respect for our values, love of America will just fade away.

This devolution is already well underway.  Who knew Delta Airlines had “prohibited” the singing of the National Anthem on its planes?  Vietnam Veteran widow, Dr. Pamela Gaudry, discovered this disturbing repression when Delta employees stopped her and other passengers from singing the National Anthem while waiting for the body of a fallen service member to be disembarked from their flight.  A first step in killing the American spirit is to silence it.

Revisionists and leftists seek to make patriotism awkward; make Americans uncomfortable about our traditions if not actually ashamed.  They hope we will eventually cave and the anthem will be set aside as too controversial.  The same way Delta worries about offending foreigners; we too will stow our American pride until it’s forgotten.

Was it coincidence that on the same day former Presidents Bush and Obama gave pointed speeches decrying nationalism and lamenting American resistance to globalization?  Both tried to cloak their calls in civility and reconciliation, but without naming President Trump, they blamed strident nationalism and isolationism for impeding peaceful globalization. 

Globalists are trying to recast patriotism as detrimental nationalism and tar it as “Trumpian,” so all these ugly episodes are intended to make decent Americans recoil and retreat from their convictions.  Patriotism is only the aim point; the target is to undermine our Judeo-Christian foundational values.  Dispirited Americans probably won’t stand for anything.  If we won’t stand for our flag, we won’t stand for our rights.

“So then, brothers, stand firm and hold fast to the traditions that you were taught.”  2 Thessalonians 2:15


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