Last man standing

It seems very few stand for anything anymore except perhaps in line for a Black Friday Sale.  We expect our leaders to stand, but in the amorphous arena of public personalities where the lines between celebrities, journalists, and politicians are increasingly blurred, they especially seem to hide or sit very still at the first whiff of trouble.

The recent rash of sexual misconduct allegations are particularly illustrative.  Apparently everyone in Hollywood knew about Weinstein and innumerable others, but no one stood for the victims.  Everyone knew about Lauer and Rose, but no one stood against the abuse.  Most damning for their public trust, our elected officials knew some in Congress used public money to conceal their private prurient piracies, but none stood against the utter unethical abuses.

Lascivious nonsense by our leaders is disgusting, but their more common lust for power and wealth is downright disheartening.  Entertaining bribes (campaign contributions) from any corporation or special interest to remain in office, they delude themselves that out of office they can no longer serve, so anything for reelection.  The result is a bloated bureaucracy protecting power and picking winners who will preserve the status quo.  Big business and big government thrive while the people are forgotten and when not forgotten ridiculed.

With power compounding in Washington by sheer weight, the people are gradually powerless.  Seduced with ever more pork, too many cede their rights and responsibilities.  Those that resist government temptations are scorned and ostracized in the media echo chamber.  So the most dangerous threat to the corrupt Congressional cesspool is a man of courage and conviction willing to stand for what is right.

Hard to find, but a US Senate candidate in Alabama has been standing tall all his life.  WestPoint graduate, Vietnam veteran, prosecutor, judge and family man, Roy Moore has always stood for what is right, specifically what is just and moral.  The DC swamp creatures fear and loathe such men vociferously, so his candidacy must be stopped.

The only way to stop a moral man is to make him immoral.  So after years of exemplary public service and several statewide campaigns we are to believe some industrious Washington Post reporters uncovered a decades old dark secret no one in Alabama ever knew about?

Exhaustive in reporting initial allegations, the main stream media is largely absent on follow up evidence refuting their plot.  They distorted magnitude by breathlessly repeating there are NINE accusers when there are only three.  Six women in their late teens (above the age of consent) were supposedly courted by Moore, but none reported any misconduct.  Some actually dated him, but the only thing that could be said is they refused him.

The most recent real accuser, Tina Johnson claimed Moore grabbed her butt in his office in 1991.  Whitewashing her presence there as simple custody transfer business, the media failed to mention her mother hired Moore to regain custody of her grandson who had lived with her most of his 9 years when his mother suddenly picked him up from school unannounced.  The grandmother filed an avadavat that Johnson was “violent” and receiving “psychiatric treatment.”  She was deemed unfit, unstable, and absent.  She had a 2010 felony fraud conviction and went to drug rehab.  But they left all that out.

The then 16 year old waitress that accused Moore of sexual assault appeared with scheister Gloria Allred.  If that didn’t discredit Beverly Young Nelson, she hung herself with an incredibly poor yearbook forgery that could only fool Dan Rather.  After numerous other employees and customers came forward to refute her account, Allred and Nelson have retreated into the Manhattan wilderness.

The worst accusation by Leigh Corfman that Moore fondled her at 14 years old also has gross inconsistencies.  Her mother countered her assertion of a bedroom phone.  The media also failed to mention she moved from her mother’s house from whence this salacious intrigue happened to her father’s house in another town shortly after that court hearing.  Even her account of her troubled life contradicts the court records.

The claim of a mall ban by a security guard who oh by the way had a brother put in prison by Moore has also been debunked by another mall security guard and the mall manager.  So we are only left with a pile of lies, a single very tenuous 40 year old claim, and oddly convenient timing.  Many blame the Democrats, but they would’ve been smart enough to drop this bombshell about 10 days out so Moore had no time to run for cover.  After spending about $30 million in primaries, it makes more sense establishment Republicans laid this egg so they might have enough time to replace Moore.

Thankfully Alabamians are astute and Roy Moore is brave.  Moore is one of the last standing for conservative principles enshrined in the Constitution and the Christian morality required if a people hope to remain free.  These noble attributes that endear Moore to Alabama are the same that enrage Washington.  So where will you stand?

“At my first defense no one came to stand by me, but all deserted me. May it not be charged against them!”  2 Timothy 4:16



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