Liberty and guns demand morality and self-control

            The media manufactured anti-gun echo chamber booms incessantly with nonsensical hyperbole about how dangerous guns are and how inherently evil any gun owner must be.  The press and leftist politicians are desperate to create the appearance that public opinion is turning against private gun ownership.

            Baltimore Sun columnist, Tricia Bishop, recently divulged she is “more afraid of legal gun owners than gun wielding criminals.”  She confided she feels protected from the criminal element by government in her presumably much better neighborhood, but she has no idea what liberty loving lunatic may be her neighbor. 

One can suppose Bishop gladly supports segregation but without thought control she cannot tolerate neighbors exercising their basic God given rights.  This is typical liberal dogma: liberals must know who dissents from their worldview, so they can work to deny your rights.

Liberal contempt of gun owners is often much more vitriolic.  Last year, Coppin State University professor D. Watkins declared “gun owners are like slave owners.”  He went on to say “being shot with your gun should be a requirement for gun ownership.”  Watkins displays raw contempt for gun owners, particularly NRA members, but he also writes how “as a black male he would rather be caught with a gun than without one.”

Watkins laments the pointless deaths in his self-admitted rough East Baltimore neighborhoods, but he also asserts his requirement (his right) to protect himself.  So he carries a weapon.  The NRA and law abiding gun owners agree with him, but Watkins sees the solution as the absence of guns.  Perhaps he can’t see the forest for the trees, but the problem is the absence of morality.

Giving this year’s commencement speech at Ole Miss, Tom Brokaw could not help himself; he had to dig on the Second Amendment while in the Deep South.  He scolded the young graduates: “more guns and more firearm tolerance will mean more homegrown acts of terror.”

Aside from again ignoring the real terror invading our shores, on its face Brokaw’s rebuke does not reconcile with experience.  Through most of America’s history almost every home had firearms and men regularly carried guns; and there was no epidemic of senseless gun violence.  So what’s different now?

The same thing Watkins misses Brokaw avoids.  Liberals want you to believe it’s the gun itself responsible for evil, so without guns evil is eradicated.  But it’s plainly deteriorating morality feeding a cruel callous culture that consumes any diminishing sense of responsibility to our fellow man.

Therein however, Brokaw has a point that exposes the fundamental flaw in liberal logic for gun control.  Like any freedom, the right to bear arms requires responsibility which comes with morality, so as our society becomes more immoral our citizens exercise less responsibility and thereby gun control becomes a valid issue.

In short, a wicked people need masters to keep order.  Hence, the progressive pursuit to undermine morality, so that they can become the masters.  As John Adams said referring to the Constitution, “only a moral and virtuous people” can handle freedom.

The constant assault on morality and clamor for relativism causes a self-fulfilling downward spiral in society.  If Americans succumb to the wanton efforts to undermine morality, we will be more irresponsible, unruly, and unable to govern ourselves.

Therefore, if Americans lose their values, Brokaw will be right that we cannot handle liberty nor guns, so we will need an oppressive government to protect us from ourselves.  Liberals see this as inevitable and their calling to enforce utopia, but its tyranny that can only be avoided by a “moral and virtuous” people.

“Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers.”  1 Timothy 1:9


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