Like rabbits, Lies always multiply

            Americans have come to expect politicians will be regularly evasive and perhaps a bit loose the facts.  Officials know messaging is all important, so they become skilled at presenting an idea or opinion they want you to embrace.

            Good and effective communications even with some polished packaging to convey a message is understandable, but most Americans still expect any message to be based in fact, at least a modicum of truth.  Sadly, even traces of truth are harder and harder to come by.

            The really disturbing development is too many politicians are simply abandoning the concept of truth altogether.  To them, reality is whatever they say it is.  Bill Clinton didn’t earn the moniker “Slick Willie” for nothing, but “Slick Willie” is a mere piker compared to his partner in crime that sometimes plays his wife on TV.

            Hillary Clinton is the undisputed champion of deceit, the Mac Mommy of myth, the Queen of all that is false and fabricated.  She has honed her preeminence in prevarication over a life time.  All her grandparents were not immigrants, she was not named for Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed Everest when she was six, and she never tried to join the Marines in 1975.

Early in her career, Clinton was a staffer for the House Watergate investigation.  Jerry Zeifman, the Chief Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee said of her:  “She was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

            Clinton wasted no time becoming a skilled dissembler.  Following “Slick Willie” from Arkansas to The White House, Clinton kept her talents busy covering for Bill’s serial peccadilloes.  When he ran for president, Hillary had point on “Bimbo Eruptions;” she handily buried his poor victims in whatever gossip they could conjure.

            Hillary has a long legacy of scandals with still scant truth revealed; like Whitewater, Lincoln Savings, Cattle Futures, the Rose Law Firm records, FBI files on GOP enemies, Vince Foster suicide; from just the 1990s it goes on and on.  As she assumed higher office, the lies just got that much bigger. 

            Without shame, Clinton complained about leaving The White House “dead broke.”  Even attempting to steal valor, she claimed to have landed in Bosnia in a hail of sniper fire.  After failing miserably to protect Americans in Benghazi, she coolly lied that some esoteric anti-Islam video was to blame.  She even repeated that bold faced lie directly to the families of the fallen. 

Lying about her State Department emails for years, she mishandled classified information routinely.  Now she entices others like FBI Director Comey into her web of deceit to gain access to the most sensitive information.

Even concerning her own health, Hillary Clinton is compelled to lie.  First, it was seasonal allergies, then she was overheated and dehydrated, then she had “non-contagious” pneumonia.  Her quest for power is unquenchable.  Not to be denied her coronation, Hillary is desperate to conceal the grave nature of her illness.  Therefore, whatever tale it takes she will tell it repeatedly.

Lying is simply in her nature.

However, she and politicians are not alone; the media has become quite adept at obfuscation and downright deceitfulness too.  Reporters eagerly follow her every twist from allergies to pneumonia with nary a question about the inconsistencies.  In fact, as Hillary is having seizures on video, the press is reporting that Trump is fat – wondering if that disqualifies him.  Once fairly corpulent, Clinton seems to be wasting away from her mysterious malady.

            Learning from Soviet era Russians, Americans are coming to realize if the press reports it, it’s probably not true.  The question is will Americans abandon their own integrity to elect a serial liar.  Our leaders only reflect what we the people allow.

            “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”  Exodus 20:16


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