Manhood matters

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) may have been relieved Harvey Weinstein shoved them off the headlines with his criminal sexual conduct, but old Harvey is the poster child for a world without “boy” scouts.  Continuing their decline, the BSA recently announced they would start admitting “girls” to the “boy” scouts. (Just skip the absurdity of that statement for now.)  The BSA is taking the politically correct course that boys and girls aren’t really different, but the pathetic irony is the silly pretense that boys and girls are the same contributes to the vacuous wicked culture of Hollywood where girls are victims and boys are predators.

The stench from the rotting cesspool called Hollywood is finally overwhelming the cheap liberal disinfectant they have been spraying around.  It’s not new or surprising that some man sexually assaulted or raped women; barbaric men abusing women is age old.  But that’s exactly the point!  Men commit the VAST majorities of rapes.  Like it or not, men are physically stronger and possess more of that hormone that left unchecked can have pretty nasty consequences.  Men in general especially without character or morals are more dangerous than women.

The simple assertion that male and female are indeed different is more of a bombshell to liberal thinkers than the grotesque reality of Weinstein actually raping women.  In the movies, women are as physically strong as men with the same sex drive, so who is worried about sexual assault?  Women’s power is marked by the right to murder their unborn children. 

That morbid charade worked well for Hollywood men.  Just support abortion and anything else feminists yammer about and they will let you abuse them until the Oscars come home.   After the breath taking hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton who is actually still harboring a known sex offender, Hollywood women are also culpable for tolerating it and often ignoring it.  A few hard cases actually defend Weinstein, but most are wailing how they have suffered for decades from these brutish beasts called men.

The leftist counter-culture wants you like Emma Thompson to blame the seedy Hollywood environment on “extreme masculinity,” but it’s rather the decades of moral decay wrought by Hollywood’s war on Judeo-Christian values.  Hollywood shuns morality, but is now shocked by the ugliness of immorality.

Masculinity will be around as long as testosterone, but how it manifests depends on character and morality.  Playing a huge role for over a century; the BSA were committed to molding boys into men into leaders.  Preparing young men to “make ethical and moral choices,” the BSA mission directed they be “morally straight” and have a “duty to God.”  The BSA is tragically abandoning their Christian foundation.  Letting in girls is just another slip.  They made their deal with the devil when they started allowing “gay” scouts in 2013, followed by gay scout leaders, followed by transgender scouts and leaders.

Some will argue sexual orientation is harmless and irrelevant much like gender equality in Hollywood, but endorsing perversion and sinful life styles cannot claim the cover of morality.  Leftists will howl homophobia, but that’s a distraction.  The BSA Law still states “no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.”  Therefore, agnostics and atheists are prohibited from the BSA, but make no mistake; they already have their sights on removing God from the BSA.

We all knew Hollywood was lost, but the disheartening tragedy is that an institution which is supposed to safeguard our morals and values is rushing to lead societal decline.  Weinstein was certainly no boy scout, but without a “values based” institution for boys, there will be plenty more little Harveys.

“As David's time to die drew near, he charged Solomon his son, saying, I am going the way of all the earth. Be strong, therefore, and show yourself a man.  Keep the charge of the LORD your God, to walk in His ways.”  1 Kings 2:1-3


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