March madness dunks Democrats

            Kellyanne put her feet on the couch!  Paul is concealing the new healthcare bill!  Jeff talked to Russians!  And Donald doesn’t criticize Putin enough!  What are they hiding?!  It’s the Russians!  The Russians helped Trump win and are running the Republicans!  This nonsense is the Democrat anti-Trump strategy.

            Until Trump won, Democrats loved Russians, especially Soviet ones.  Good old “Chappaquiddick” Ted Kennedy giddily ran to the Soviets to apologize for a brutish President Reagan calling them “the evil empire.”  He even asked for Soviet help in the 1984 election, but that was out of liberal principles – so forget that.  Obama eagerly explained his subservience to Russian President Medvedev asking him to tell Trump’s pal, Putin, “I’ll have more flexibility after the election” (Was that quid pro quo in Ukraine for Russian election meddling in 2012?).  In her Russian reset, Hillary Clinton gladly arranged to sell 20% of American uranium to Russia; and a million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation sealed the deal.

            So why aren’t Democrats elated to learn Republicans are not hating on their longtime Russian buddies?  Oh, but this is pure power politics at the highest levels and sometimes you have to throw your comrades under the avtobus.  But sometimes the avtobus abruptly clutches into reverse right over all your tenuous allegations.  While Democrats were rushing microphones and social media to demand Sessions’ resignation and swear they had never consorted with Russians, they forgot to check and clear their own accounts.

            Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tweeted that Sessions’ meeting was highly irregular because she had never met with any Ambassadors especially from Russia.  Oops!  Her own twitter account quickly indicted her with her tweets about meeting many ambassadors including Russian.  Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) breathlessly denounced Sessions as “naive” because any meeting with Russians could only be collusion; and she stated she had never met Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.  Oops again!  Photos of Pelosi and Kislyak at the same dinner table immediately surfaced.  And during the recent Grand Slam State of the Union address, where do you suppose Kislyak sat?!  On the House floor in the DEMOCRAT SECTION!  Did the House Minority Leader not know Russians had infiltrated her guest list?!

Russian hysteria has been festering since the election because it was the only excuse Democrats could conjure for Hillary’s unexpected devastating loss.  Despite the ferocious barrage of Democrat rounds fired (most are blanks) and 88% hostile press coverage in the first month, Democrats are actually panicked.  Unable to afford any Trump successes or they risk exile to the political wilderness more than a couple terms, they will throw anything.

Although Democrats’ incessant “House of Cards” tactics are tiresome and mostly ineffective after their rancid smoke clears, they will not stop.  With a complicit press and paid protesters, they will maintain a fever pitch offense until George Soros runs out of money.  Trump wants to focus on his campaign promises while keeping Democrat attack dogs at bay, but he must realize the best defense is an effective offense.

It’s past time for thorough investigations of real potential crimes.  What’s the status of Hillary’s email investigation?  Did Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton compromise that investigation on an Arizona tarmac?  Indict Hillary for her demonstrably false testimony to Congress about the corrupt Clinton Foundation.  Launch a full investigation into Trump Administration leaks by Obama hold overs and particularly ties to Obama and Valerie Jarrett’s budding shadow government; is Obama orchestrating leaks to undermine Trump?  And finally, did Obama misuse his authority to tap Trump’s communications during the election?!

Such Machiavellian subterfuge will make Watergate look like stealing cookies in Kindergarten.  Like their misperceptions during the election, Democrats may soon discover carelessly hurling rocks from a glass house could shatter in their faces when Trump tosses back what Republicans are too timid to touch.

“The righteous hate what is false, but the wicked make themselves a stench and bring shame on themselves.”  Proverbs 13:5


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