Men in heels destroy women in sports

            Life was much simpler for thousands of years.  Humans like all other animals recognized there are two genders, accommodating males and females accordingly.  It was no big deal really.  Having distinctly different parts actually very obviously different parts, a mutual respect for privacy was a forgone conclusion.  Both genders prefer to handle nature’s call privately to the exclusion of the now antiquated term “the opposite sex.”  Not to mention there are always those who can’t help touching others’ different parts.

            Oddly enough, the Creator instituted binary gender system that served millennia upon millennia of humankind well has been declared obsolete by a narcissistic generation obsessed with embracing perversion and worshipping self.  With incredible arrogance, they believe they can recast God’s creation to suit their very personal and often prurient predilections.

            “Transgender” labels can be befuddling.  Does a “transgender woman” mean a biological woman attempting to be a man or a biological man attempting to be woman?  Quite confusing, the best clue is perspective.  Eschewing reality, liberals dreamed up these labels, so it’s from a liberal perspective which gives a nod to whatever wacked out ideas someone conjures.  Therefore, a “transgender woman” is a dude in drag.  The LGBTQ etc. community will howl there are many variations, but you get the picture.

            With “transgender” forced into the common lexicon and even entered into law like the sad North Carolina case where governments have found regulating who uses which bathroom is messy business indeed, the liberal orbit is content they have extinguished some more common morality pushing another insignificant obscure fetish into the public square.  But again the unintended consequences were never calculated.

            The boom of transgender women in sports is becoming a boon for men uncompetitive in men’s sports.  It’s simple: claim to be a woman, dress the part, and enter a women’s sport.  Since liberals can’t actually legislate physiology that males are typically faster and stronger than females, these newly self-identified girly guys are very likely to be lady champions.

Liberal media tends to sideline these stories, but there are more and more boys competing in girls’ sports even in High School.  There is also another twist where a Texas HS “transgender boy” (a biological girl) was undergoing testosterone therapy when she won the Texas State Girls Wrestling Championship. 

The normal girl competitors are pretty upset they lost to a lass juicing testosterone which gave her the muscle mass of a boy under the guise she just wants some facial hair to better fit her new name, “Mack.”  Now Mack did request to wrestle the boys, but Texas University Interscholastic League officials deferred to the age hold plumbing test to determine girl or boy.  Mack needed to make a choice: either pursue wrestling or gender transition; both are not compatible.  But liberals like overindulgent parents want it both ways, so they ignore the consequences especially when tearing down societal norms.

The latest defeat for female equal opportunity in sports comes from New Zealand weightlifter Gavin Hubbard who grew out his hair, got some feminine frocks, and started going by Laurel; a sweet name for a large man towering over his weightlifting gal pals.  The picture of an enormous ponytailed bloke grinning with his first place Australian Women’s Weightlifting trophy is priceless.

It’s the perfect picture of how absurd society has become abandoning reality, actually looking at an unmistakable man claiming to be a woman, and all accepting the obvious lie as truth.  Liberals will scream it’s his right to force his perversion on the rest of us, but what about all the real women Gavin is bumping out of their Olympic qualifying slots?

Just another casualty in the liberal quest to deconstruct society.  But another unintended consequence of letting men in heels destroy women in sports is these feminine fellows are proving women are NOT equal to men physically.  They’ll choke on that bitter pill.

“A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.”  Deuteronomy 22:5


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