Mend it or end it

With over a year invested or lost in a bruising simply too long primary election, the people are desperate for it to be over.  But some folks just can’t let it go.  Like demanding endless recounts, some get stuck in a moment in time, but some of these good people are adamant none of us move on.
The politicians, press, pundits, and card carrying delegates in Cleveland were all up in the supposed Republican convention high drama, but few outside those esteemed circles really give a flying elephant.  The primary political intrigue and convention choreography are all inside baseball to average voters.  Just get to the championship match.
Trump is certainly not a perfect candidate and there are valid concerns about his conservative credentials.  Campaigning as a conservative however, he’s nailing hot button issues like illegal immigration, law and order, national security, and the economy.  At this point, only time will tell if he’s a new conservative champion or just another charlatan.
What’s left of the Republican conservative base is somewhat dumbfounded by never Trumpers rending their clothes.  Roundly chastised for displaying overt disappointment in McCain and Romney, conservatives were scolded for sowing disunity.  Check your principles, shut up, and vote Republican!
There were distinct doubts about previous losers, so why is Trump different?  The party faithful always preach the horrors of any Democrat victories, so we must stick together to defeat Democrats.  The difference is when the base was unhappy the answer was party loyalty, but now that the leadership is unhappy it’s about principle?
It’s not hard to respect the grassroots conservatives with genuine misgivings they cannot overcome; however, when Republican leaders whine about GOP dignity, integrity, and reputation, it’s well – laughable.  The Republican Party lost all that years ago.
The GOP has failed miserably in limiting government and spending.  They have pretty much delivered nothing for conservatives to cling to for about two decades, so defending a hollow ineffective party falls on deaf ears.  And the whole charade becomes acutely hypocritical when considering all the hoopla about Trump signing a loyalty pledge last year.  Now that Trump has won, some of those demanding Trump’s pledge want to discard their own?!
The RNC finally got behind Trump for the convention, so perhaps they realized there is little patience or sympathy for a preening GOP.  The never Trumpers tried to stage an insurrection on the convention floor.  Though quickly put down, that did not diminish their vitriol for Trump.
Trump won the primary laid out by the RNC fair and square, but even after his nomination was formally confirmed, rabid never Trumpers were STILL screaming they must stop him.  OK, how?
Vote for Hillary?  Vote third party thereby giving the election to Hillary with say 40%?  Just stay home and still give the election to Hillary?  Or, just concede now?!  There are no good choices, so now you know how the Tea Party feels.
For never Trumpers to stay the course, they must leave the party.  A lot of conservatives and independents already have, so perhaps this schism could actually collapse the Republican Party.  Here is the shocker establishment Republicans just can’t grasp: there is no base to mourn the passing of the GOP.
The GOP is so out of touch they don’t even realize they are like a dead party walking.  Trump may ruin the GOP, but there’s not much left to ruin.  The whole point is the never Trump crusade logically leads to ending the GOP, but if they are wanting to reform and rebuild the GOP, they need to get over themselves and mend what party remains and that includes Trump.
Mend it or end it; most folks are good either way if we just move on!
“Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.”  Proverbs 29:11


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