Moore or less, no Strange

In Alabama, campaigns and elections are typically nasty and tawdry.  The series of special elections to fill the US Senate seat vacated by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions would seem to follow suit with no shortage of smears and attack ads.  But despite super funding, the establishment may very well lose.  And President Trump may learn the limits of his star power.

Until a heavily marred Governor Robert Bentley appointed Luther Strange to the US Senate, he was just another mainstream career politician not really evoking any emotions.  After many years as a DC lobbyist and a failed attempt for Alabama Lieutenant Governor, Strange was perceived as somewhat of a reformer beating embattled incumbent, Troy King, for Alabama Attorney General in 2010.  It was actually not uncommon nor surprising to hear Strange mentioned for Governor or US Senate.

Strange along with many Republicans are now surprised to find he may be irretrievably tainted and his election chances doomed.  It all started with a shady spineless Republican Party that looked the other way while a demented old man imploded in the Governor’s office.  Bentley destroyed confidence in Republican leadership and did untold damage to the Republican brand while Republicans for the most part just hid.

A few notable upstarts in the Alabama legislature snorted about impeachment, but to their chagrin or relief, then AG Strange asked the legislature to stand down while he completed “related work.”  Quite a few folks especially the ones meeting with a Grand Jury thought he was investigating the lying pervert Governor, but nothing happened while the legislators were cooling their impeachment heels. 

After The Donald upset The Chosen One, it was clear there would be a US Senate vacancy when Sessions joined the Trump Administration.  As expected, speculation spread across Alabama like a California wild fire, but it was commonly heard how could the Governor appoint the AG investigating him?!  Well, no one should have been surprised at the stupidity of a decrepit Grandpa having phone sex with a woman half his age, but more than a few were shocked Strange accepted the tarnished appointment.

As they say, the “optics” were bad, but became even worse when the new AG and reinvigorated legislature forced Bentley to resign within months.  So what was AG Strange investigating?  How did that appointment interview go?  Quid pro quo much?

Strange and most establishment Republicans figured any stench from the foul appointment would fade away, but they severely underestimated the Bentley stank!  The people were livid with Republicans for allowing the Bentley travesty to drag on for years.  So poor Luther finally gets to the Senate under less than optimal circumstances and who becomes his Senate patron?  The “we can’t pass anything Trump even with a majority” Mitch McConnell!

After a Bentley appointment, the only thing worse is a McConnell endorsement.  NY Senator Chuck Schumer may be doing more to advance Trump’s agenda than McConnell.  He has failed at repealing ObamaCare, handling illegal immigration, and he can’t even spell tax cuts.  Then he slyly manipulates Trump with that phony Senate decorum crap about how Trump has to help McConnell get the right people in the Senate so he can pass Trump’s agenda!

Trump probably didn’t fall for that, but he’s trying to work with McConnell.  So he agreed to endorse Strange.  Well, we are about to have hard evidence Americans like a winner, but we voted for Trump’s agenda.  Even a Trump endorsement probably can’t save Senator Strange.  That’s not a reflection on the strength of Trump’s influence; it’s a manifestation of the utter frustration with Congressional Republicans.

Judge Roy Moore is certainly a controversial figure, but he is a proven Christian Constitutional Conservative of known high character and integrity.  Perhaps most of all, Moore is the man Mitch McConnell absolutely doesn’t want, so it’s easy – that’s exactly who Alabamians want!

“Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and thereby share responsibility for the sins of others.”  1 Timothy 5:22


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