Multicultural coexistence turns to catastrophic mayhem

Aging for some time, Europe is now euthanizing its culture – suicide by political correctness. In the perpetual quest for progressive utopia, liberals discount culture and discard nationalism.

Liberals love to proudly boast they are citizens of the world. Eschewing any boorish sense of nationality, they only see nations fighting, so they want to rise above any national concepts into a global concept where we all just get along – some call it a new world order.

They forget nations are intended to protect their people and preserve their way of life. Unless of course you have liberal leadership that flings open borders to favor anyone but native citizens. America suffers rampant unfettered illegal immigration, but Europe is under siege, a full scale invasion is under way.

Most Americans are unaware of the rising unrest in Europe because the chaos and crime goes generally unreported here. Some may have seen reports mentioning rapes on New Year’s Eve in Germany, but most don’t realize it was hundreds of sexual assaults across Europe. And actually, it wasn’t just New Year’s revelry; it happens regularly. And well, not just since; it’s been epidemic for years.

In Oslo, the capital of Norway, almost 100% of rapes are committed by Muslims; they account for most rapes in Europe. In 1975, Sweden reported 421 rapes, but by 2014 it skyrocketed to an incredible 6,620 (77.6% by Muslims), a shocking 1,472% increase. British sources report tens of thousands of English girls have been sexually assaulted by Muslim gangs the past decade.

This prurient cultural collision puts into stark relief the incompatibility of Western and Islamic cultures. Muslims simply believe women have no rights and an uncovered woman is a prostitute, so having their way with western women is acceptable. Muslim social media has actually been buzzing with repulsive memes asking Muslim men “Why martyr yourself for only 72 virgins, when thousands of girls await you in Europe.”

The indifferent almost entitled attitudes of Muslim migrants is disturbing, but the European response is outrageous. Unable to contain the rape epidemic, Europe is finally acting; they are holding seminars to teach Muslims that even outside a burka, no touching. Yes, liberals are making excuses that poor Muslim men just don’t understand European women do not like being groped, beaten, and raped, so we must teach them.

Even politicians have little faith in this reorientation. In a testy town hall meeting in Germany, the Bergermeister instructed his scared citizens “to avoid the migrants; take other routes” and “don’t provoke them.” This cowardly guidance was met with an uproar. Germans are shocked to learn their government is containing them.

Liberals refuse to see any clash of cultures because they believe all cultures are equal. They are not. Cultural differences are fine, but clearly a culture that builds will dominate one that wanders. A culture that respects women is more equitable to one that views women as chattel. A culture that condemns pedophilia is more decent than one that perpetuates it. A culture that values all life is more peaceful than one that wastes it for cultish whims.

In short, some cultures are simply superior. Such a statement makes liberals apoplectic, but most westerners prefer the relatively clean, docile, and tranquil way of life in Judeo-Christian cultures. The will of the people however will not dissuade liberals who are certain their atheist humanism can dilute all cultures into one great amorphous society without moral boundaries based only on their good intentions.

Winston Churchill recognized the problem in 1899: "Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world." Europe refuses to heed history and even ignores present reality, but America cannot.

“Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?” 2 Corinthians 6:14

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