Multiculturalism is mega chaos

            At the campaign style rally in Melbourne, Florida, President Trump thrilled the crowd of enthusiastic supporters, but he also riled the media and progressive elite (as usual).  Talking about the surreal problems Europe is having with open borders, he mentioned Germany and something “about last night” in Sweden.

            Liberal press and pundits spitefully pounced on the remark, gasping “what happened in Sweden last night?”  Trump was talking about persistent problems with assimilating Muslim migrants and refugees, but liberals don’t want to discuss those appalling and inescapable problems.  So they twisted Trump’s words into a terror attack.

            They took to social media and news to mock the president and quip how there was no terror attack last night in Sweden, so Trump is lying again or losing his mind.  Initially having quite a jolly time trading jabs and jokes, they pretended nothing was awry in Sweden.  A huge deflection to preclude public focus on the very real danger, they were desperate to assure everyone the Swedish Bikini Team was fine, but they’re not.  They’ve become the Swedish Burqa Team.

            Crime and particularly sexual assaults have skyrocketed across Europe; the carnage continues unabated.  France suffered weeks of widespread riots across Paris with dozens of cars and dumpsters burned nightly.  Trump was vindicated just a couple days later when similar riots broke out in Stockholm suburbs.  Almost powerless, Swedish police lost control retreating several times.

            The situation in Europe is dire particularly in France and Sweden.  Rapes in Sweden have increased by more than 400% the past few years with 90+% of perpetrators being foreigners.  Guess from where.  Muslim ghettos have become so dangerous and violent there are 50+ “no-go” zones for police across Sweden.  Sweden and France have ceded control of territory to Muslim gangs.

            Trump is merely highlighting grave danger and intractable problems with poorly vetted refugees.  Such talk only draws charges of racism because progressives don’t want the fundamental flaws and abject failings of multiculturalism exposed.  The holy grail of the progressive movement must be protected at all costs.

            Unfortunately many confuse multiculturalism with a multiethnic society.  To them, multicultural mistakenly means multiple cuisines to sample in their neighborhood.  They feel they’ve earned the multicultural merit badge if they warmly greet people of color when ordering breakfast burritos, falafels, or soul food.

            Culture is not just art and cuisine; it’s the customs, social mores, traditions, and values a people cherish and share – it’s a way of life.  Multiculturalism means competing and if incompatible, warring visions for society.

            Multiculturalism is church bells pealing a couple times a day against the awkward shrill Adhan five times a day.  Monogamy verses polygamy.  Marrying whomever one chooses versus arranged marriages and sometimes pedophilia with old men matched with children.  Women having full and equal rights versus women having no rights, treated as chattel, and patriarchs may murder any female that dishonors him.  Freely worshipping God verses if you displease or offend Allah, your neighbor feels justified by some fatwa to beat you, burn your house down, behead you, or all of the above.

            Multiculturalism is utter chaos as cultures clash; some are just incompatible while some are simply superior.  However, only one culture can prevail and one will by acclamation or force.  Self-determination should be upheld for a free people even if sojourners among us dislike it.  What is so wrong with Americans wanting to preserve the American way?

            Then there are intellectual progressives who fully understand multiculturalism and all its terrible ramifications.  They see all cultures roughly equally and as quaint but certainly inferior and obsolete; they pursue multiculturalism to destroy the foundational tenets of each and dilute them until each can be drained and mixed into godless humanism where men will rule with only their worldly wisdom.

            “He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation.”  Acts 17:26


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