No Ding-Dong until the witch is dead

Who is afraid of Hillary Clinton? Well, after Bill pretty much everyone. Having extorted or raised over $3 Billion dollars over 40+ years according to the Washington Post, the Clinton crime family (Rush Limbaugh’s term of endearment) and charitable foundation is very powerful.

They have weathered many political storms and left many political bodies in their wake, so it is very prudent to fear the Clintons, especially Hillary – she handled all the dirty work, like firing the White house Travel Office, hiding Rose Law Firm files, and dousing bimbo eruptions. The Clintons are the toughest political hardball players in the big leagues.

Therein lies the problem. It’s like shooting a bear; if you don’t kill it, you only made it really mad and more vicious. No one in their right mind wants to get in a ring with Hillary, and certainly not when she’s wounded.

That’s why no viable Democrats are running; it’s a suicide mission. Shirtless Marty O’Malley wasn’t even a fleeting fancy. As previously postulated in this column, the Democrat establishment is only tolerating an independent socialist in their primary to determine if Hillary is indeed vulnerable. Freebie Bernie Sanders is doing a bang up job exposing hide ‘em Hillary’s electoral weakness, but he better be careful not to be too successful. No one wants to be left in a Washington park rolled up in carpet.

Despite overt Clinton adoration, Democrats are very nervous about Hillary’s ability to win. For starters, she’s a crappy candidate. Arrogant, disagreeable, and unlikable, she literally loses support the more she campaigns. Shrill and scolding, she is everyone’s worst mother-in-law. Few can stand to listen to her and for Pete’s sake, don’t let her recite anymore spirituals. She must win the black vote to beat beatnik Bernie, but if she gets “no ways tired” again, it’s enough to change your color much less your vote.

Pundits claim Iowa and New Hampshire were too easy for “don’t worry about the money” Bernie, but Iowa is the heartland. If a socialist can get traction there, he’s viable anywhere. Everyone especially Democrats know Hillary cheated to make Iowa a tie leaning her way; she lost. Then, he trounced her in every demographic but over 65 in New Hampshire.

Bernie is closing nationally, but far behind in the coming primaries. However, most of that polling is 6+ weeks old; does he have momentum? At her peak now, Hillary can only go down because her pledge to continue Obama’s legacy is tenuous and she doesn’t connect with voters. Even Bill can’t help. A lovable cad 20 years ago, he’s just a creeper now. The general election will be even worse.

Then there is the persistent FBI investigations casting long shadows on an already dark figure. President Obama could make that all go away, but he lets it ride in case it’s the last shot that can bring down the aging trophy Democrat. Recently Obama’s Press Secretary mentioned that Obama won’t endorse, but he wants Hillary to win. Is that like the Godfather’s kiss?

Many Democrats, including Obama and Joe Biden would like a different nominee, but the reality is they can’t unseat her. Their only hope is that Bernie continues to highlight her vulnerability and the weight of the looming FBI investigation increases, so her terrible campaign finally just collapses. Only if Hillary admits her own demise can some other ding-a-ling run.

That is why Biden is not running, but may still be a candidate. His Rose Garden speech last year was more of a postponement listing everything he would do as king. Obama is sitting on the fence because he’s too smart to cross Hillary, but if he smells blood, he is ready to pull the FBI trigger and ring the Biden bell.

Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.” 1 Samuel 17:32


Pete Riehm 2016-02-22 08:03

Thanks, Daniel!

daniel tucker2016-02-21 19:58

Pete, another great article. Can't wait for more!