Not a ban, Trump ends special treatment

           President Trump’s ubiquitous tweets can be amusing or annoying but almost always attention grabbing.  And wow, his tweet ending transgender military service blew up the Twittersphere.  Liberals and LGBTQ activists ran screaming into the night as if Trump had sentenced transgenders to death like some backward Islamic nation; except of course they seem to have cultural tolerance when Muslims brutalize sexual deviants.

            First, we must understand military service to address this transgender tempest in a coffee pot.  The military’s absolute primary mission is to defend this country wherever that might be required.  Anything that detracts or even distracts from that mission is extraneous, unhelpful, and certainly unnecessary.  Serving to protect our country can be very dangerous, so troops must have clear unambiguous direction and unmolested laser focus on their missions.

            Military service is a privilege not a right!  This may come as a shock, but the military discriminates in many categories.  Age discrimination, you can’t be too old.  Intelligence and education discrimination, you can’t be too dumb or uneducated.  Physical discrimination is quite strict.  Obvious physical handicaps can preclude military service, but also certain conditions like diabetes or other latent diseases that could be exacerbated by military service and eventually negatively impact individual fitness.  In fact, physical fitness standards are to ensure at least minimum fitness to perform military duty, so even patriotic obese or sedentary persons will be rejected.  There are character and mental standards as well; a history of criminality or mental illness will also be denied.

            In short, the business of defending the nation always comes first, so there will be NO special treatment!  For anyone!  You may have noticed the military issues uniforms and while they look quite handsome, there is a purpose.  The military seeks uniformity in all respects from dress to conduct to fitness to training.  The reason is simple.  Our military assembles distinct individuals from diverse backgrounds with varied skill sets to operate harmoniously as the most effective lethal fighting force on the planet.  So while each peg has particular attributes, they must all share enough commonality to be cohesive and to a degree interchangeable.

            Many decry using the military for social experiments and while that criticism has validity, it confuses or misses the issue.  It could be argued that racial integration was a social experiment, but racial integration was just plain right because no human has any control over their race.  LGBTQ activists are now howling they have no control either; they will assert they are born that way.  Perhaps, but their proclivities are completely behavioral and while maybe difficult can be controlled.  There are many people honorably serving with disqualifying proclivities, but they cherish their service to country more than their individual desires.  So be it substance abuse, gambling, moral turpitude, or sexual deviancy, they squelch their personal urges to preserve the privilege to serve.

            In reality, plenty of imperfect people are proudly wearing our nation’s cloth, but they have their priorities in order.  Anyone joining the military voluntarily abrogates their individual rights; they know they must subordinate themselves to the needs of the service and gladly comply.  And that is the real issue with this whole transgender nonsense; LGBTQ activists are asking for special treatment.  They are demanding their personal preferences be put ahead of the needs of the service.  Self before service fails every time.

            While the media gasps, it was only the past year out of over 240 years that is the astounding aberration.  A single year when a misguided president granted special treatment to a tiny minority putting their needs ahead of the military’s mission.  Liberal civilians may be indignant, but true patriotic service members who may be transgender or whatever nonconformity put their service above self, so they can proudly serve.

            “No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.”  2 Timothy 2:4


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