Only a risen savior can battle rising evil

           The world has always been a dangerous place, but the past decade it seems more dangerous, more unstable, and just plain mean.  Terrorism plays an obvious huge unsettling role.  A worldwide demonic cult celebrating death and drowning in darkness dupes some and entices others to happily kill themselves trying to randomly kill as many people as possible.  But they don’t hold any exclusivity on evil.

            According to the Catholic Church, worldwide demand for exorcisms is skyrocketing; demons and evil spirits are doing a booming business.  Satan doesn’t even have to work behind the scenes anymore.  Satan is going mainstream with sprouting satanic temples, offensive and provocative black masses, and even After School Satan Clubs!

Crime statistics are in dispute, but it sure seems senseless violence is soaring.  People are killing each other over trivial things like sneakers, sports, and gang signs.  Robbery isn’t enough; too often thugs just murder begging compliant victims without a thought for loss of life or substantially increased penalties.

            Each selfish vicious action is only seen in the moment.  There is little fore thought other than some burning desire and no after thought about any consequences.  But it’s not just criminals chasing instant gratification in the short run like no long game exists.  Our society is devolving from cherishing people and cultivating relationships to coveting material things and craving experiences like entertainment and recreation.  In short, it’s the fleeting worldly pleasures most people seek.

            Tragically, entertainment and recreation often just become escapes from reality through substance abuse.  People are left empty by their pursuits and try filling the hollowness with alcohol, drugs, or sex.  We may try turning to others or turning inward, but most people even believers seldom pause to ponder the loneliness in their lives is a spiritual vacuum.

            Too many live life like time is expiring and eternity doesn’t exist, so if this is all there is, why does anything matter?  Maybe we only try to behave to get along and we count that as good; and we know bad things might happen, but we consider that just bum luck.  We think we can and should find good in ourselves, but we somewhat disregard evil as remote and removed.

            Evil is everywhere and very real.  Defined as “profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity,” evil is an unquestionable spiritual force with malevolent intent.  Most believe in God but seldom consider Satan exists, much less actually working for our downfall.  Fallen angels are all around constantly preying on human frailties.  Glorifying death and spreading darkness, they hope to draw us towards hell, but we have difficulty with the concept of hell.

            Fearsome images of fire and brimstone are often conjured, but in essence hell is the eternal and total separation from God.  And that’s all Satan wants.  Satan covets our worship, but he succeeds anyway when we are separated from God because without God we are unable to resist evil.  So when we fail to recognize the voids in our souls and ignore our spiritual cravings, we are leaving wide unguarded openings for evil to rush in.

            We can search the planet, ask every philosopher, sample every painkiller, but filling our inner barrenness with things of this world only plays the Devil’s game.  It’s a futile quest.  It’s not that evil is getting stronger, but we are getting weaker because we overlook the only prescription that works. 

            Evil will never go away until Christ returns, but we can stem the tide.  And that is the “Good News” of the Gospel:  Jesus conquered death on the cross!  He is the only Light that makes Darkness flee.  He died for all sins even those to come; we only need ask Him and all is forgiven.  Only a risen Savior can battle rising evil!  So let Him fill your empty spaces.

            “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”  Ephesians 6:11


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