Only the power that raised His Son Can restore our republic

            Despite slipping standards of living, unprecedented across the board affluence and yet untold modern conveniences have made Americans apathetic and passive about freedom and God.  Sadly, many readers may be puzzled by connecting the two.

            It’s worth repeating but distressing that we must: “the cornerstone of American freedom is that God created us to be free and no man or government can interfere with that birthright.”  However, freedom like salvation, if we fail to claim it, what good is it?

            Therein lies complementary conundrums.  American apathy constrains us from fully embracing the total concepts of freedom and God.  In 21st century America, freedom has erroneously become an all-powerful government that can provide all your needs and salvation has become an all loving God that approves all of your desires.

            We are loathe to face the fact that freedom includes responsibility and therefore requires accountability and salvation includes righteousness and therefore requires repentance.  In our indolent passivity, we avoid the duties required by freedom and reject the commandments of a Holy God.

            Our deteriorating values are reflected in our debasing politics and declining morality.  Between elections we tend to accept all the administration usurpations and legislative shenanigans with annoyed indifference.  Americans chaff at the encroachment of unbridled government power and resent runaway spending, but we are seldom motivated to action.

            Similarly, we hide behind hollow tolerance to acquiesce to all manner of immorality.  That is not to say we want morality police beating all of us sinners but rather we use one another’s sins to excuse our own, but that is our signal failure.  Sins are not compared among men; sin is exposed by the perfection of a Holy God.

            In politics our aggravation manifests in the singular hope that a new leader can fix all our problems.  It matters not if it’s some salesman promising free everything or some strongman vowing to kick butt on the bad guys, we expect some other mortal to solve our problems so we can get back to social media or cable TV.  We want solutions but require no sacrifices of ourselves.

            It’s the same with God and salvation.  We have little indignation over injustice or immorality that stinks in God’s nose; we just want his unconditional love with unconditional forgiveness.  But forgiveness is not unconditional; it requires acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Savior and repentance. 

Too many Americans have the misconception that God’s infinite love will acquiesce to any sin.  If that were true, He would condone any old behavior just because He loves you, but He’s holy and His love is not cheap.  God paid the ultimate price sacrificing his only begotten Son for our debts – there is no greater love.

            God loves all his creation, but the hard fact is that He only forgives those who accept salvation through His Son and thereby embrace both His love and holiness.  So it is also with freedom.  As John Adams said about the freedom enshrined in our Constitution: it is only viable for a “virtuous and moral people and wholly inadequate for any other.”

            And, that is where we find America.  More and more a nation of unbelievers and weak believers with growing immorality and shrinking virtue and therefore incapable of handling freedom, so it really matters not who we elect until we return as a people to the God that created us to be free and accept all the responsibilities that come with freedom.

            Whoever we elect will have an effect, but not enough to save America.  America needs revival; only the saving grace and infinite power and love that resurrected Christ can restore our republic.  Just like salvation, it’s there for the taking; we must only choose.

            “And what is the immeasurable greatness of his power toward us who believe, according to the working of his great might that he worked in Christ when he raised him from the dead.”  Ephesians 1:19-20


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