Our baby generation’s first words

Loving our children, we fawn over every little thing they do.  From cheering first steps and words to applauding school graduations, we are proud of their achievements and development.  So imagine the jolt when the first words of the newest youngest generation was a crudely constructed string of expletives!

            With so much angst and sometimes derision for “millennials,” society hasn’t paid much attention to the next generation.  Sometimes called “Generation Z,” the “IGeneration,” or even “Linksters,” these are the kids generally born since about 2000, but have in most cases grown up on line with copious electronic devices. 

Other than helping grandparents with texting or social media, we haven’t paid them much mind as a group.  Since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Marjory Stoneman High School senior David Hogg profanely broke the generational silence.  Bursting on to the scene as the left’s new darling activist, he has created a sensation for liberals and shock for most adults.

Already subject to much criticism, we should cut young Master Hogg some slack.  First of all, he is just a kid, but he does represent a genuine and understandable fear that our youth don’t want to be slaughtered.  Adults do owe them security. 

We must also remember he is being exploited.  His swearing is rewarded with TV interviews and his irrational rants are accepted as enlightened reason.  Using four letter words profusely is considered mature and oozing adolescent emotions replaces logic, so he is a perfect liberal.  Democrats descended on him quickly as their next hope for electoral success.

Although his hyperbole is aggravating and ridiculous, Hogg should be commended for his courage to speak out.  We can agree that we should not tolerate carnage in our schools.  His demands are misguided and overwrought, but should he discover the truth, we can expect him to be just as fierce flogging his current promoters.

Forget the consternation caused by a smart-alecky kid from Florida and contemplate with grave concern the first public notion of the youngest generation is to forfeit freedom.  Democrat handlers couch it as gun control, but really they are crying out for people control.  Laws already prohibit certain criminals and the insane from possessing weapons and these should be reviewed as a matter for course.  But liberals actually believe gun owners are all murderers in waiting which they are teaching in our schools.  Just listen to David Hogg rage about blood splattered NRA members not caring about dead children.

            Somewhat contradictorily, the young Hogg professes no animus toward the Second Amendment, but he stood with Democrats demanding gun control.  Make no mistake; liberals do not trust average Americans with their money, their children, and certainly not with their guns.  Like Australia and England, they are determined to confiscate all guns.  Let them blather long enough like the kids at the march and they will reveal their true goals.

            Hogg also ominously warned “our parents don’t know how to handle a democracy, so we have to.”  The assertion America is a democracy (It’s a republic) is certainly erroneous, but that is the liberal vision.  They want mob rule.  The moment they have a majority, they will squash all dissent, muzzle the minority, and without guns there will be no way to resist.

            David Hogg is right when he said “this is not cutting it.”  We have failed to protect our schools by allowing the silly notion “gun free zones” will dissuade evil; we must protect our schools like we protect money and politicians.  And we have failed to educate our children about personal responsibility and how our Constitution preserves our God given rights.  It’s past time to liberate education from anti-American liberal dogma.  Teach them truth, so they can withstand false teachers.

            “Then we will no longer be immature like children. We won't be tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching. We will not be influenced when people try to trick us with lies so clever they sound like the truth.” Ephesians 4:14


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