Paris tragedy followed by Paris travesty

Breathtaking! Mystifying! Stupefying! It’s the greatest show on earth playing in Paris. Pseudo-scientists perform impossible feats of data manipulation. Politicians perform unbelievable contortions of truth. Clerics plumb the deepest depths of political coercion. In the grand finale, world leaders pull the wool over the entire world!

Only a couple weeks after the tragic terror attack in Paris, the previously scheduled United Nations’ (UN) talks on climate change hit Paris. This travesty is the “Conference of Parties” or COP21 as the 21st international meeting since 1995. World leaders, so-called government scientists, environmental activists, and all-around agitators gather annually to revisit their plan for global wealth redistribution.

Make no mistake; this is a global swindle. The sales pitch is doom and gloom from global warming, but the solution being pedaled is to forfeit freedom and spread economic misery globally.

Obama among others insists all nations must set “legally binding” carbon emissions goals. Legally binding to what authority? This is an end run to give the UN more power over nations; in other words ceding more national sovereignty to global governance.

With tedious repetition, vacuous speakers demand rich nations pay poor nations to pollute and therein lies the true objective. All this carbon nonsense is intended to decrease economic power in industrialized nations while growing it in developing nations until all nations are equally poor - easier for global governance. Ever notice how developing nations are perpetually developing?

Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi forthrightly said “rich nations must make the deepest cuts for climate justice.” The climate justice he touts is to hamstring prosperous nations to give his nation an economic advantage.

China and Russia smugly watch the charades knowing they have no intention of stifling their economies; they eagerly hope to exploit impediments forced on America. Despite some propaganda, they snicker at Obama’s misguided efforts to weaken America.

Redistribution of wealth efforts are aggravating and the absurd notions about global warming parading as science are annoying, but the recent pronouncements tying global warming to Jihad are utterly unconscionable.

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders actually claims global warming causes Jihad! Sanders believes extreme heat and drought cause people to lash out and start beheading others, but he fails to explain why “warming madness” seems to only affect Muslims.

Paris was still mourning and the world reeling when Obama took a silly swipe at terrorists. Praising COP21, he said “what greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshalling our best efforts to save it.”

Take that ISIS! You may slaughter us in our streets, but we are going to readjust our thermostats. If anyone is going to destroy our way of life, we will do it ourselves.

Beyond Obama’s indescribably tone deaf comments, leadership’s disconnect from reality is stunning. Violence and turmoil are consuming the planet, yet world leaders stoically proclaim tenuous computer models as settled science that requires global action. Never mind most of the world may be murdered before anything is decided.

Not to be out done by insipid politicians, the most political Pope Francis sternly warns for climate action “now or never;” he goes on to say “we are on the brink of suicide.” Funny, if world demise was imminent, most people would expect the world’s leading cleric to warn the masses to accept Christ now or never.

After Paris and with Jihad now in California, the real dangers of this world are inescapable, so it is inexplicable that our leaders insist on pursuing strawmen. Are they cowards? Or, do other desires for power draw them away from righteous action?

America needs bold honest Godly leadership now! The danger is real and it’s here.

“But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.” 2 Corinthians 4:2

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