President without a party

In 2016, American voters were so frustrated with both major parties they tried to nominate two in essence outsiders, arguably third party candidate insurrections within the Democrat and Republican Parties. 

The Democrat establishment is stronger, more ruthless, and certainly not above the collusion they keep trying to hang on Trump.   The Hillary Clinton campaign colluded with Obama’s Department of Justice to make her illegal handling of classified information get lost somewhere in FBI Director Comey’s enormous ego.  And, they colluded with the DNC to smother Bernie Sander’s insurgent somewhat independent campaign in its hippie crib.

The Republican establishment is perhaps no less ruthless but certainly not as audacious or creative as Democrats.  While GOP elite struggled mouths agape, the populist surge sweeping the nation pushed an unlikely candidate Trump to the front of the Republican pack even attracting working class Democrats from rust belt states.  Very difficult to swallow with more than a few never Trumpers still holding a mouthful of venomous vomit, but GOP establishment finally acquiesced to a Trump nominee to win The White House.

At their cores, both parties truly want only one thing – POWER!  The Democrats use identity politics and victimhood housed in redistribution of wealth to buy votes.  Republicans on the other hand eagerly cloak themselves in conservative platitudes to get elected, but quickly forget the ethos of limited government when it might limit their influence.

Democrats are no more self-serving than Republicans, but their pursuit of socialism is consistent with their obsession to grow and concentrate federal power.  It’s the Grand Old Party perpetrating the grandest betrayal.  Republicans scammed voters in 2010 and 2014 into believing they would oppose the Obama agenda, but they had the excuse of Obama’s inevitable veto for their inaction.

But with a Republican president, the Republican’s inert agenda is exposed.  Initially, Republicans got the benefit of the doubt because the ObamaCare repeal seemed challenging even though they had eight years to prepare.  However, the Republican Congress and their supposedly conservative goals are utterly belied by not just their inability to cut taxes, but the outright lack of interest when the American economy has been ailing for a decade.  It is entirely inexplicable that a Republican Congress with a Republican president can’t even consider tax cuts.

            Couple the sheer ineffectiveness of a Republican Congress on conservative initiatives and their almost complete absence of support for a Republican president; and we must start considering the fraud that is the Republican Party.  The GOP will exploit all that populist     rhetoric to get Republicans elected, but have no strategy or will when elected.

            The American people elected Trump to drain the swamp, but the Republican Party has swindled the American voters.  They went along to get a Republican president, but now that that president is constantly and viciously attacked by Democrats and unjustly maligned daily by a corrupt media; they leave Trump to drown alone in the swamp.

            Americans thought they drafted an able quarterback, but we have sent him in with no offensive line and not even a defensive team of any kind.  Here is the hard truth: the Republican Party has no interest in draining the swamp; they will even resist their own president to preserve the status quo of bloated federal power.

            Not only does President Trump not have a party; the people do not have a party.  The GOP has abandoned Trump and they purposely neglect the conservative agenda.  Trump only has twitter, so it’s time the conservative grassroots rise again to support the only champion willing to even wade into the swamp.  Whether its Tea Parties or third parties, Trump needs our support to slay the federal beast devouring our Republic.

            Stop waiting on Republicans; they won’t help.  Like always, it’s up to WE THE PEOPLE!

            “Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?”  Psalm 94:16


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