Racism is racism is racism

            Racism is ugly no matter how you color it.  It’s not complicated; any discrimination or hatred based exclusively on race is racism.  Contrary to claims by CNN commentator, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, among other ostensible thinkers, black people can be racist – no group is immune from hatred or stupidity.

            The tragic Milwaukee riots have exposed Black Lives Matter activists and their supporters as morally bankrupt; they’re frauds manipulating their own communities.  Few will state the obvious for undue fear of political correctness and probable vengeful and vitriolic media punishment.

            In another all too common occurrence, a young black man with a long criminal record in a stolen car with a stolen gun failed to heed police instructions.  The officer directed him to drop his weapon; he did not, so the officer fired to stop a suspect with a weapon showing hostile intent.  Unfortunately, that young man died.

            What was the reaction?!  Riots of course, the people of Milwaukee were going to take a stand against racism.  Except the police officer involved was also black and according to the esteemed Dr. Hill, blacks can’t be racist.  So, how could racism cause these riots?

            Racism did not cause these riots, but racism was used to foment violence among blacks in North Milwaukee.  Several recordings reveal various thugs demanding any white person daring to enter their neighborhood be “beat down;” and some whites were assaulted in their vehicles.  Advocating battery on any person based solely on the color of skin is racism plain and simple; and it’s despicable.

            Milwaukee has had 91 homicides in 2016 as of this writing and 78% or a staggering 71 of those victims were black.  The perpetrator data is yet unavailable, but historically it’s a safe bet some 90+% of those black people were murdered by other blacks.  So, why have there not been riots in Milwaukee all year?!

            The dirty secret is black lives don’t matter; at least they don’t matter to liberals and so-called black leaders in ravaged communities.  Liberals fight fiercely to preserve abortion when black babies are 4-5 times more likely to be aborted than white babies.  Is that racism?

Black leaders and their voters tolerate ridiculously high crime rates that would promptly evict politicians in other communities; they rather excuse the criminals and ask law enforcement to be more lenient on the criminals.  The majority of black politicians for some reason don’t think their constituents deserve safe neighborhoods.  Is that racism?

            The New Black Panther Party Defense Minister, Babu Omowale, declares “there is a war on black people;” he doesn’t mention it’s a mostly black on black war.  And he goes on to say these rioters are “defending themselves against tyranny.”  Tyranny like abiding by the law and living peacefully in your neighborhoods?

            Black Lives Matter activists are no better racists than the Klu Klux Klan; both should be roundly repudiated.  As the guerrilla arm of the Democrat Party, the KKK enforced its racist policies, but BLM are only “useful idiots” to the anarchists and communists who exploit them. 

Communists from Chicago descended on Milwaukee within hours to “help with the revolution.”  Were they the ones with random gunfire hoping to draw the police into a battle to kill more black lives that don’t matter to them?

They come by many names, but the first goal is social upheaval for social justice.  Some believe that’s the only goal, but that’s only the pre-condition for the ultimate goal which is totalitarian control of a people who can no longer govern themselves.  Every riot and looting simply demonstrates the need of an immoral people for masters.  Leftists feign support, but they wait patiently for the violence so they can assert more control.

“But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes.”  1 John 2:11


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