Refugees in Paris highlight clash of cultures

Over two thirds of Americans oppose resettling Syrian refugees here and over half of governors said they will refuse refugees. Despite overwhelming popular opposition and even a bipartisan Congressional effort to defund resettlement, President Obama vows to bring more Muslim refugees to America.

Obama’s reckless open borders policies aptly demonstrate his callous disregard for homeland security. He insults Americans as being afraid of widows and orphans and lectures about compassion, but his administration denied asylum to Iraqi Christians fleeing ISIS beheadings.

The usual chorus is moaning about bigotry and xenophobia only to be joined by rabid non-believers gleefully accusing opponents of abandoning Christian charity. These do-gooders don't seem to care about any Christians actually being beheaded.

Again the media distorts the charitable dimension and diverts from the real issues. The primary issues are immediate security and culture in the near future.

Uncertain how to respond, people cringe at accusations of lacking Christian love. Most are willing to help; just unwilling to endanger their families. Dr. Taylor Marshall, a Catholic theologian, explains how Christians per Thomas Aquinas must balance charity and justice.

Charged to help the poor with charity, Christians are also charged to uphold justice which includes the common good. The first priority is to provide for your family and establish a government that maintains a safe environment for all. After the home front is cared for, we should help where we can. Jesus didn’t advocate destroying your home to help others.

Dr. Marshall also restates an obvious but uncomfortable dichotomy. Muslims do not believe Jesus is the Son of God; Christians know Jesus is the Son of God. Muslims believe Mohammed is the “Last Prophet; Christians must resist “false prophets.” Muslims are mandated to institute Sharia Law which is anti-freedom, but God created us to be free.

Clearly a foundational religious conflict, these fundamental differences also color our competing cultures. Sharia Law is wholly antithetical to American freedom, but in a democratic nation vocal minorities can lobby for destructive privileges.

Peter Hammond in “Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam” explains even a small minority can have oversized influence if willing to resort to violence. At over 10% population, “Muslims become increasingly lawless and violent.” At 20%, rioting and murders increase. At 40%, “wide spread massacres and chronic terror.” At 50%, Sharia Law is implemented.

Most European nations have only 3-8% Muslim populations, but most large European cities are 10-30% Muslim. Hammond’s numbers can be debated, but his premise is the current experience in Europe. France has become Israel with a pernicious parasitic enemy striking randomly but regularly.

Most Muslims seem to live peacefully, but every concentration of Muslims brings a certain portion of radicals; estimates are 5-20%. Radical Islamists always dominate; supposed moderates either acquiesce from intimidation or tacitly support Sharia all along.

With about 3 million Muslims in America, we have perhaps 1%, but several small towns receiving refugees and immigrants have fairly high concentrations. At about 40% Muslim, Hamtramck Michigan has had the 5 times daily Islamic call to prayer blasted publically since 2004 and just elected the first majority Muslim city council in America.

The backlash against resettling Syrian refugees is misrepresented. It’s not about not helping those in need; Americans have always helped the needy. It’s about an inevitable clash of cultures as Islam advances around the world.

Islam demands submission. Paris made the world face the ugly reality that wherever Muslims colonize, their faster growing population eventually overtakes and overpowers host populations. Some percentage of Muslims will always violently aggravate for Sharia and upon attaining majority, Muslims rule with Sharia.

Steadily succeeding, Islam is clearly on a mission of conquest. Beyond any refugees, the real question is how much Islamic colonization do we allow in America?

“Thus says the LORD of hosts, "Behold, evil is going forth From nation to nation, And a great storm is being stirred up From the remotest parts of the earth.” Jeremiah 25:32

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